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fudnzRe: California Dredging
Thanks Jim for the follow up - man it certainly looks like there is a bit of back scratching going on somewhere and somebody elses palms are not being oiled ..... My heart goes out to the younger CA dredgers coming up in the ranks trying to enjoy what we have done now for the greater part of our lives. It is so hard to imagine living in a country made up of so many smaller 'countries' (for the want of a better word) and not being able to band together as one under the same flag using a united front. I guess this is one of the problems when a country is ruled by two factions.... Federal and local government. It can really divide a nation in the long run and it sort of not knowing what your feet are doing I guess. One of the problems I see as an outsider is the escalation of the fish and game and the inuits theoughout the greater America as they get their own laws passed in and the smaller groups - suction dredgers' and the like just get swept under the rug by these ever growing larger juggernaughts with their own thoughts as to how the world should happen.
I know what happened in earlier times with the dredging... and fish and game on the Klamath River... we here in New Zealand were able to use this valuable information in our own fight with fish and game and the greenies here to keep ourselves able to do our dredging. Sure there had to be a bit of give and take but like in CA we had a governer here that could not see why one group should have higher call over another group for using the waterways.
Just recently here our in force government decided that the smaller miner was costing them money to run the small scale mining and tried a bit of push to once again close things down... they did not get their own way as the smaller mining fraternity got into gear once again and this legislation has been shelved for the meantime...I probably did not follow on this as good as I could have but benefit from the outcome.

I am hoping that all ends up good there for them Jim - the more that get behind the CA group the better I guess.

Thanks again for the great forum Jim - I am in Australia for a few months during our winter at home - things are pretty much frozen at home for a couple of months so its better and warmer to be here while this happens. We are home again in september and hope to be able to do a bit of dredging when I get back.

Cheers Allan.
auldriderRe: California Dredging
From the outside looking in it appears that instead of the world emulating USA the land of the free, the USA is learning to copy Russia, Cuba and North Korea and becoming a great big socialist state!

God bless America! (meant in sympathy with Americans)
Jim_AlaskaRe: California Dredging

The Alaska forum doesn't carry much of the news of the lower 48 states mining issues. Other forums have a lot of information about what miners and others are doing to overcome the problems here in California.

Here is just one news article about this situation. We are fighting an uphill battle, but we are fighting non-the-less:

California Budget: 'Insane' Legislature Tries to Kill Gold Mining Industry, Says Gold Pan California
Congressman McClintock Slams Legislature, Says Indefensible to Kill Solvent Industry Published: Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011 CONCORD, Calif., June 22, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --

Gold Pan California (www.goldpancalifornia.com), a gold mining supply shop and headquarters for California suction dredge miners, recently got a boost from Washington DC.

Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) is mad as hell and wants Governor Brown's assistance to squash 2 paragraphs of impending legislation which, if enacted, will kill the California suction gold mining industry.

In a terse written communication yesterday to Governor Brown, McClintock stated "Destroying 4,000 jobs when California is suffering from 11.9 percent unemployment is simply insane." McClintock is referring to a bogus $1.8 million "budget deficit" which was supplied by anti-mining foes in order to provide a "cut" to the budget of the Department of Fish and Game, who oversees the suction dredge gold mining program. Although erroneous, passage of the language will close the industry forever in California.

Adding to the insanity, the erroneous $1.8 million "budget cut" will increase California's budget deficit by $23 million. "Depriving the state from yet another source of revenue while breaking the back of its economy with higher taxes is indefensible," states McClintock.

While the miners and McClintock are trying to save the California industry, anti-mining foes have submitted grant requests for $9 million to lease industrial-sized suction dredges from a Canadian company to suck up sediment in California reservoirs. "The utter hypocrisy is staggering," says Mike Dunn, owner of Gold Pan California. "Keene and Proline are the two largest dredge manufacturers in America, and both businesses are located in California," says Dunn.

"This Legislature is so bamboozled by a handful of Indian tribes and environmental extremists," says Dunn, "that they think it's a good idea to kill California's entirely solvent gold mining industry, erase 4,000 direct jobs plus 15,000 inter-related jobs, and increase the State deficit by $23 million, meanwhile, send our tax dollars to a Canadian manufacturer for equipment used in California." Congressman McClintock summed up the legislation attempt precisely; this is insane.

On a bright note, if the Governor removes this harmful legislation, the miners' contribution of $23 million can now be added to the Revenue side of the budget, since it was entirely omitted in the budget which was vetoed last week.

eightymeshRe: California Dredging
Government by Trickery Must End
By Ray Nutting,
Supervisor, El Dorado County Board of Supervisors

fudnzCalifornia Dredging
Hi Jim and all on forum. I guess it has been aired a bit already - but hell where is this going to end up for all of the states with dredging in them. I thought that California was the start of the mining in the USA..... I have always thought that the mining in this state would be a god given right as gold their really was the kick start so to speak for the then young and flourishing country. Hypothetically what happens if CA loses this battle - does it have the ramifications of the greens or inuits to be able to take this further throughout your country and take your dredging rights away?. It is a dangerous precedent being set in CA guys. I think that if this was happening in New Zealand - and a similar thing did a few years back - we a few of us males testosterone levels fired up a bit and we started into screaming a bit - the squeaky wheel got oiled as our few voices started to get heard by a few others and the old snowball thing started.
It just took voices of upset people lobbying the government and they had to listen... although I guess with the way your legislation is in that country they have you by your nuts and you just have to sit back and listen to what they say and take it as being right. Greens and inuits...... we have them here..... they certainly have a loud voice and the majority of these critters have not even started to live but seem to be expert on the way things should be.
How come all of the other states have not been behind the birthplace of gold in your country Where the hell are your voices... there are only a couple of hundred of dredgers in New Zealand and out of a population total of nearly 5 million but our yells got heard by the law makers - I find it very frustrating to sit here on the other side of the world and look at the way the CA guys and gals are being hog tied. If it was not for the early Californian miners New Zealand would not have had a gold industry.... they came here and got the ball rolling for us and their heritage still lives on here. We have had our battles with the various factions but as a one in a united voice it has enabled our industry to remain in place. Why is it that people in higher places can tell the people that put them there how it should be. Ahhh sheeeeet..... frustrating it is.... and it will get worse for you all when and if CA dredgers lose this battle....

Enough of my rantings.... i have just head butted a hole in the wall beside me....

Fudnz..... Allan.... 'Kiwis cant fly but they can yell loud when rights are threatened'

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