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smwonRe: Fortymile river report needed
Bonaro, it sounds exciting! I am looking forward to your reports. I don't suppose you will have internet... LOL. But hey it will be exciting to read about once you do.
BonaroRe: Fortymile river report needed
We are going to work the dredge hard. We plan on tag teaming the nozzle to keep the 8 running all day. There will be down time, either when it's my turn topside or if we wear ourselves out.

Cant wait
micropedes1Re: Fortymile river report needed
You can find a bit of gold with a detector but it will be buried in the ice-fractured bedrock. Some larger gold may be found on the high benches but be sure to carry a gun up there. IMHO you would be better off sticking with the dredge. After 5 weeks working up there, I only have one piece that would not go thru a 20 mesh screen. There are still paystreaks to be worked. But fine, flat flood-gold seems to be scattered everywhere after last season''s flood.
BonaroRe: Fortymile river report needed
I just checked the weather and its a mix of part sun and showers but the temps are in the 60's. It's hard to jump in the water in the morning when it raining and 45 degrees outside but I will find a way.
I cant wait.

So, can someone tell me about the geology of the area?
What sort of gold can I expect? I am presuming it is mostly fine gold with the occasional rice grain or match head picker. Is there bigger gold to be found? Does it run is pay streaks or just mixed with everything else? Is it a waste of time to bring my detector?
AKWhiteyRe: Fortymile river report needed
Listening in to the post. Brings back a memory of our trip to an area off Cantwell - Paxton Hwy. We tore it up thru the mud bogs, made the trips thru the high side streams. And about over half way in, we regrouped and stopped at a caribou camp. (Little more than half way in) There were plenty of them, and way off the road. We were in just before the hunting season, so It was not so bad going in. The mud boggs will keep you on your feet. At the point we stopped, the rain was falling consistantly, and we hooked up the binoculars to see upland. We saw a camp on the upland mountains, and they were walking around. We figured with 3 large tents, and no way to get there with 4-Wheelers, They must be an organization team to count caribou. They had spotting scopes, clipboards, and did not look like outdoorsman types. Anyway, Our first trip into the area and besides a lot of rain, our gas gauge said half full, So we took pictures of the area and headed on out. The fun of mining remote! Dan
Jim_AlaskaRe: Fortymile river report needed
Why would caribou hunters be a problem?
BonaroRe: Fortymile river report needed
We will be over 10 miles in by boat on the 40 mile, no roads. Hopefully the caribou hunters wont go that far.
We are going in on the 13th, when does season open?
micropedes1Re: Fortymile river report needed
I did some checking for you. Atwater Bar, across from DOT on South Fork, is again exposed. That means that water levels are back down to decent dredging levels. But that is no guarantee that levels will continue to drop. Plus, in a week or so you are gonna be up to your armpits in caribou hunters!
BobAKRe: Fortymile river report needed
go here http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ak/nwis/uv?site_no=15348000, Bob
micropedes1Re: Fortymile river report needed
I have some bad news for you. This season is a repeat of last year. I spent 5 weeks there and had it rain nearly every day. 3 major rains with a corresponding rise in the river. I trailered dredges at the last rise after a week of "braille dredging" in high water. Hope that you have better luck.

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