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pelukRe: Peluk,need a favor
Hi Tom,I got word you were looking for that info yesterday and I posted to the AMDS Prospectors' Forum yesterday.It was merely a redirect to "Mobile Drill Co."via Google search.There the list will give you what you need on the Mobile"Minuteman"Drill.It also has a YouTube demonstration video mentioned in the list of sites which I saw.They are now using a different engine though the one I have is plenty adequate.
I can't access the pics I had anymore but "Popandson" had a few.I have got to see how to post pics again.I've switched from webtv long ago and it was easier then.That is a good thread on drills and their place in placer exploration.
If I do run down the pics,I'll try again posting.
tvanwhoPeluk,need a favor
We have a placer core drill thread going on the AMDS prospecting forum.Could you possibly post a photo of your placer drill rig and how it works? I hope the moderator doesn't mind my asking the favor?

Tom V ( tvanwho ) in Illinois
fortunate1Re: dredgeable days in Nome
fortunate1Re: dredgeable days in Nome
Thanks all for the info. The dredge I have is a home built one.A buddy of mine made it..He's been dredging upin the 40 mile area in alaska for 20 years..so, he knows how to catch the fine gold. The dredge sits on 2 16 foot kayak stile pontoons, has a dahlke 18 hp vanguard, 7 inch hose with a 6 inch restrictor ring and a 8 hp 4 stroke motor. Does 10 knots. It kicks ass.I'll try to download a photo. my boat is a fiberglass 54 footer Hamm hull design bought in homer...Hope to see you there next summer.
pelukRe: dredgeable days in Nome
There are many dredges out there right now and doing well.October may provide 2-3 more weeks of good dredging.
I've said this before but it may help.A trip to Nome for some closeup pictures and conversation with dredgers might put you well ahead of the game in design adjustment etc.

For example,there are 6" dredges sometimes outperforming the 10" designs.I've heard it more than once this Summer.Small specimen gold does not easily settle in the same flow as that required to lift large rocks.Accomodating both takes a good deal of tweaking.Many have failed to master it.
AK_Au_diverRe: dredgeable days in Nome


What size dredge and boat? I recommend applying for your APMA in early January.
fortunate1Re: dredgeable days in Nome
Hey, Ak Au Diver...thanks for the comeback. Well, that doesn't sound too bad. I was on my way to Nome this summer but, got waylaid in Sand Point. Will be here through the winter. (My boat at least.)Then, head up that way next eary summer. Missed out on the lease sale but, there's still the rec areas....Thanks again...Fortunate1
AK_Au_diverRe: dredgeable days in Nome
From what I hear it was around 55-60 this year, and that's if they started at the beginning of June and went through today. A good year is around 85-90 days. That's what Norm Stiles told me last week, if I recall/understood correctly, he's been running a couple 10s for about a decade.
fortunate1dredgeable days in Nome
I heard that the weather wAS NOT SO GOOD FOR DREDGING OFF OF Nome this past summer. About how many days did the average dredger get in?

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