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Prospect09erRe: Nome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard
Here is a link to a audio file.


(click the speaker/arrow button)

I don’t think this was mentioned in the Nugget… “as well as requiring commercial miners on city property to pay as well”.
How much for a commercial permit? $1000? $5000?? $10,000???

“… miners would be required to keep records of all sales of gold, extracted and sold in and out of Nome. The city would be able to inspect the records”
Prospect09erRe: Nome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard
Thank you Joe for bringing this to our attention!
Overtheedge You’re right on.
This is ridiculous.

Anyone dredging offshore Nome is NOT a recreational miner! They are miners! They have to file a Annual Placer Mining Application (APMA), Miscellaneous Land Use Permit (MLUP), Notice of Legal Identity with MSHA, Alaska Department of Revenue Mining License, etc., just like everyone else. These suggested fees are unreasonable and discriminatory.
I don’t see any other activity in Nome getting punished like this.

“The City has the authority
to require permits of anyone
to conduct activities within municipal
boundaries… according to Chandler.”
FlengRe: Nome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard
Wouldn't it be something if the city council was pushing the
Discovery Network to stir this whole mess to a fever pitch to
get top dollar for this marginally-legal land sale?

I read the Nugget and saw that they were trying to charge $750/1000 and said what a money grab. How many Soapy Smiths are on the Commission now?
JOE_S_INDYRe: Nome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard

PM to follow.

overtheedgeRe: Nome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard
Joe, I think it is time for Nome to get a new lawyer.

Navigable waters and the land under them is reserved to the state. If Nome had the extent of jurisdiction their lawyer thinks they have, DNR couldn't have had the lease sale without authorization from the city of Nome.

Now couple that with resource management reserved for the state, I think these folks are smoking something their shorts of something else.

Effectively Nome is attempting taxation of state resources. NOT taxing commerce within the city limits as they are authorized to do.

Then they are attempting to add a whole new layer of regulations to the state and federal regulations already in place.

Then the stupid idea of the city of Nome proposes to have the authority to inspect the books of these operators without warrants? Gimme a break.

What if a large operator such as Ashanti brings in a vessel capable of weathering out the storms staying off-shore and the personnel never set foot in Nome? Nome is gonna attempt a forcible boarding to inspect the books? Uh-huh.
Don't look for me in Nome.

Yes, there will be an influx of folks with pie-in-the-sky get rich quick dreams. They won't last long before they grab the first ERA flight out.

A far more logical approach is a seasonal sales tax. But what can we expect from the minds of a Nome small-time politician? Logic? Uh-huh.

The problems are the direct result of the production of "Bering Sea Gold". Perhaps there is the "real" temporary tax base. Tax the show producers. They cause the problem, they pay to contain the problem.

I do sympathize with the potential problems Nome might face. However, potential does not infer absolutes. Nome has and has had a problem with public drunkenness. Perhaps a better approach to dealing with these matters and the mining aspect is stiffer penalties and education.

A miner's association could be an important part of containing and controlling potential problems during this flash-in-the-pan episode.
Darkstar_MiningRe: Nome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard
When I read this with my coffee this morning, I thought to myself this is one more way to limit commerce,drive off revenue Nome businesses need to survive,restrict city growth of residences possible investors would bring in real estate, cars boats and equipment that may be brought to Nome, and possible future employees in said commerce. All over a tiny little cash that wont even cover th fuel profits each permit would generate alone. When are we gong to realize if we put the cash back in the pocket of the little guy he will spend more of it into his local economy, which stimulates national economy. It is not worth the disguted applicants turning away because of principals, not one permit lost would be worth its lost revenue.....We need to look at the big picture here lady!!

Disgruntled and frustrated miner!!!:mad:
dickbRe: Nome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard
Let the games begin!

See what happens when a politician smells money.

JOE_S_INDYNome's City Fathers Scratching Fingernails on Blackboard
Nome Nugget Stories to make your hair stand on end:


And we can't even get the ASP or DNR to respond to Mineral Tresspass reports UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES (other than a murder of course) ...

THEN - THEN!!! Take your heart pills, choose the PDF for the entire edition and scroll down to page 2 -

You'll see the article on Nome's bureaucrats considering a Recreational Mining Permit to the tune of $750 or possibly $1,000 a head.

Then page 6 for the screwed up DNR lease sale.


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