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Coeur_D_AleneRe: Too big for small stream???
Baub; Were you by your self or did you have a second diver with you?

Darkstar-M; Thanks I think they will be the best, Will put a steel protection keel under the aluminum floats to guard against grounding punctures.

Can get these floats/tanks for under $500 apeice. "V"
Darkstar_MiningRe: Too big for small stream???
I have to say those are a really nice pattern. they will cut through the water very well.
baubRe: Too big for small stream???
I worked a small stream a few years ago with a 4 in dredge. One problem was short run times, even with a large hole made.

Coeur_D_AleneRe: Too big for small stream???
Thanks Fella's; I have to round up all the pieces this summer and probably build over winter. Thats when I run into some Capitol to work with. So for the summer it's work my Montana claims and hope the poke finances most of the build. Sping will Throw some more money my way and I hope that chunk finances my container shipping cost as well as my flight up. but like they say don't put all your eggs in one basket......Well I've decided it's got to be a go up and NO FAIL trip even if it kills me...Yep... go big or don't go at all.
billcosta_ricaRe: Too big for small stream???
your pontoons sound like they will work real good !!!! just remember you need to keep the pump and sluice as close to the water as you can. many people try and mount the engine and sluice on top of the pontoons. good luck sounds like a fun build.

Darkstar_MiningRe: Too big for small stream???
If you have time, an excelllent Idea, GETTIN BEDROCK =G ETTIN GOLD!! Have you been mining this claim long do you have the kinks worked out already? If you need sluice advice, Joe on this forum is a great resource for advice on capturing.. I really look forward to hearing how this build is going for you.God bless and good mining
Coeur_D_AleneRe: Too big for small stream???
Thanks Darkstar; I am in the process of rounding up all the materials to build my dredge for a possible adventure next year. I have fell into a nice claim in Montana and it may pay for the build this winter. Kinda fell like a bolt togather lightwieght platform to put the pontoons to attach to. Assemble on site. With any luck it will stay on the claim in a shed of its own for winter months. Was posting these pictures and hoping someone had used these tanks as floats and could offer up some pros/cons of such tanks. They seem very sturdy in all aspects that I can see. Mostly I am worried they may ride to high in the water and add an additional 2-3 feet of lift, if so that may give me an option of running my tails further away. Kinda would like to make a high tails between creek and bank sorta like make a land locked pond with any luck maybe be able to pump out the dredged pond and work the bedrock by hand a little, in say ankle deep water. But the real thing I really want to move a large amount of yardage a day using a two man crew most of the time.
Darkstar_MiningRe: Too big for small stream???
You would have to be the judge on the water level and risking bottoming out...Basic sign of a good captain is knowing his craft 100% before he puts it and her crew in harms way.. the tanks will need to be compartmentalized inside to act as a ballast ..ie: If your rear heavy you want your fuel to displace your buoyancy from the front. Depending on the length of the tanks you have, and their weight capability, a ten inch might be a little ambitious for the "small streams" but you can definitely get out on the rivers with a ten...given proper permits of course..But for mobility in any sense look at the weight displacement to actual weight of floats, and decide if you want to be fighting the equipment or enjoying it...river dredges are best kept compact and lightweight.. I do think alot of people waste a lot of energy and lose gold not running a set of undercurrent boxes..If I can take just one ounce of gold from mine next year it'll have paid for itself, my labor for building and then some so that's a good idea if u were to ask me.. When you begin a build of the caliber of a ten inch dredges costs, it's best to look at every variable, talk to others who have experienced it and enact a decisive plan.. cutting corners never pays in the end.. http://u-fabboats.com/buildaboat.htm this link is to weight displacement chart, should help you calculate the weight you can carry on your platform.. these numbers are based around optimum ride in the water... so you can push it up a little bit...I wouldn't exceed 15-20% more than recommended, and add the final weight on the water.. build with strength to weight ratio in mind at all times and you will be better off in the end.. Take a look at the thread 10"in15days on this forum this will give you proportional scale for a ten inch dredge and the size vessel required. The eight inch is a lot more forgiving on space and scale of weight of equipment needed...remember an eight is twice the volume of msaterial and water as a six, and a ten is twice the volume of an eight and so on...hope this is some help for ya.. God bless and good mining..
Coeur_D_AleneToo big for small stream???
Hi dredgers; I have an Idea...(thats usually the first problem). I found a set (2) of these military drop tanks. They weigh 290 lbs empty and hold 600 gal of fuel each, approxamatly 21 ft in lenght. They are all aluminum.
Ok first question, Do you think these may be to large for a dredging platform in most small rivers due to hiegth out of water. Could it be fit in by dredging material out?? Figure in a ten inch dredge two small diesel engines and all the goodies, over under box, feul left in tanks for ballast till used up, tools, compressors, etc, should move a lot of yards, . I also think a cradle for the each tank with ski's would help haul 600 gallons of fuel... of course six hundred gallons split between the two tanks and probably pulled behind a small dozer or big tracked four wheeler. Any other Ideas or suggestions welcome even if their the shoot my Idea full of holes type...LOL Thank you for your time and comments. "Vertical Vance"

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