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shaftsinkerawcRe: Four wheel drive snowmachine
The brand in Fbks. is Matt Tracks I believe. The price varies from around 7grand up depending on the size of your vehicle. A distributor is about 2 miles down the road if you need more info. I can try and have him chime in.
Geo_JimRe: Four wheel drive snowmachine
The fact that you can drive onto these gizmos is what sets them apart from the other guys. I dont know the name of the other brand with the triangular tracks. [ I saw them at one of the mining shows in Fairbanks years ago.] That type required taking the wheels off, but they were probably lighter and much cheaper than this new brand.
Geo Jim
Jim_AlaskaRe: Four wheel drive snowmachine
Yeah, that's quite steep Kurt. I have seen many different kinds of track set ups for four wheel drive. But this one impressed me in that, you don't have to remove the wheels, just drive up on it.

I would imagine is it quite spendy too, but really have no idea. I also wondered if one man could pick up a track to load it in the truck when finished.
flintgreasewoodRe: Four wheel drive snowmachine
I watched several very impressive videos from several companies a couple of weeks ago and contacted one. I was interested in retrofitting my 93 Dodge dually 4x4 with the tracks.
My plan was to mount an auger drill to the flat bed rather than buying a ready built track rig. They said they could do it....to the tune of $52,000.!!!!!! I don't think so.
Au_SeekerRe: Four wheel drive snowmachine
That cool, I tried to find out the cost and availability, but their website is down due the exceeding bandwidth.

Has anyone heard what the cost is?
dredgerRe: Four wheel drive snowmachine
Goodone Jim,

I like that .:smile:
Geo_JimFour wheel drive snowmachine
This is really something. Check this out:


This looks like something many of us could use! Very cool!
Geo Jim:smile:

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:: :: Four wheel drive snowmachine :: Add Reply

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