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geowizardRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast

As a follow-up post...

Gamma rays are not all created equal. some are more energetic than others! Depending on the source of the gamma ray, it's energy level will be higher or lower than other gamma rays. The three primary sources; Potassium, Thorium and Uranium have three different energies.

Scintillation detectors are available that can be connected to an oscilloscope. An oscilloscope lets the viewer look at the different pulse heights of the various gamma rays detected.

There are different "species" of gamma rays.

So, knowing that, scientists developed Pulse Height Detectors. The Pulse Height Detectors could be set up to detect and count only the pulses that fit within a certain window of height. Multi-channels analyzers followed.

Not long after that, they developed a computerized system that divided the pulse heights into 1024 different height windows. In prior years, it would have taken 1024 different pulse height detectors to do that job. The system was called a gamma ray spectrometer.

For the very curious, you can also find gamma ray spectrometers or multi-channel analyzers on ebay.

In 2002, I was browsing an electronics auction in Phoenix.

The VA hospital was dumping a bunch of obsolete medical electronics. One piece caught my eye. It was a dual, three channel analyzer out of a VA hospital lab. It contained six independent scintillation detectors.

I blush to think it ended up in the back of my truck for $4.00. :confused:

- Geowizard
geowizardRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
Thanks Baub!

All too often we become victims of misinformation.

What do you believe? What do you want to believe?

Get the facts! If it is important to know the facts, you can get a radiation survey meter and measure the radiation in things around you including the food you eat.

Collect your own data!

Survey meters are manufactured by companies like Ludlum. You can buy your own personal survey meter new or used on ebay.

Survey meters are used by geologists. You can measure the radiation in rocks and learn about clay content as well as gain knowledge of radioactive elements.

Survey meters should be calibrated. You can have a calibration done at a radiation calibration lab. That way you know the readings are accurate.

Uranium, Potassium and Thorium are contained in different proportions in practically every type of rock. There are other radioactive elements that are in the process of radioactive decay. In the process of radioactive decay, they emit gamma rays.

A Geiger counter is a simple counter and relatively low cost. Geiger counters are not as sensitive as scintillation counters. That's why scintillation counters cost more. I have found scintillation counters at yard sales. There are opportunities to buy expensive survey meters at very low cost if you know what to look for.

- Geowizard

baubRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
Good post.
geowizardRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
Back in another time, long, long ago...

The Vietnam conflict ended and I returned to Alaska. I went to work for a company called Schlumberger in Kenai. It's actually not a hamburger joint!

Schlumberger performs a service to the oil well drilling industry called "logging". They have stainless steel pipe filled with electronics that is sent down into the holes drilled in places like the Cook Inlet. Oil wells have one objective. To produce oil. One of the things that is logged (measured) in an oil well is density. Density of the earth surrounding the well can be used to determine how porous the earth is and pore spaces are where oil is contained.

Years later (2000) after moving to Houston and teaching classes on oil well logging, I started my own logging company. It was called WELLOG and I created a website with a webinar on the subjects that are related to well logging.

I used a density tool that contained a radioactive source. I was required by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to have a "Radiological Supervisor" in the company in order to get approval to have a radioactive source. So, I went through a one week training program to become a Radiological Supervisor.

The common form of nuclear radiation is in the form of "Gamma Rays". You can learn about gamma rays at www.wellog.com or by reading at Wikipedia:


Gamma rays are all around us. There is a natural level of
gamma radiation that we live with every day. Reading and learning about how much is normal and what things produce large amounts of gamma radiation including x-rays is important.

- Geowizard
BonaroRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
Fear is the most effective means of control. I have learned not to duck just because someone says the sky is falling. There is a lot more worthwhile things to do that to allow all your time and energy to be consumed with conspiracy theories
jssbastiatRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
Inforwars.com has had some good, non-mainstream news coverage of this...like them or not, they document their stuff for the most part...when you read their articles, the links to the reports/studies, etc are highlited blue links, click on them. This is how I foudn the U.S. homeland secuirty invoices for 1.6 billion rounds of ammo, I was thinking it was right wing propaganda till I saw the actually invoices...

on The links below, you can read about how a Sample of starfish in the pacific came back 98% dead and they were disintegrating on the bottom, not decomposing...2 headed whale shows up on beach....tuna testing positive for radiation....die off of other fish in the pacific....radiation levels all over the west coast are hundreds of times higher than normal...some cities are now having to respond to the amateur Geiger counter operators since they are getting into the mainstream news and these city officials are confirming these levels but are saying they are naturally occurring, etc, etc...HECK, they have homeless people now working in the Fuku reactor doing the clean up.....REad it all for yourself and decide: concerned or paranoid?...

ME: I live in Alaska on the Yukon river...fish is a big part of what I eat and our fish and game board, along with our environmental agency are NOT testing salmon, just tuna....This is nuts! Those salmon spend 3 to 4 years out there in the pacific before they come back to the Yukon...We should be testing them, this is the only common sense thing to do! I've personally written our game board and they wrote me back and said no one had any reason to test! INCREDIBLE!

Lastly, our own government has raised the acceptable level of radiation exposure since Fuku.....go figure..

I know this is a quick rundown of the 'paranoia' going on, but, it's in the mainstream news, just google it or look at the infowars.com links.....

But think...Do you REALLY trust the U.S. government to tell you the truth....Remember JFK adn the warren commission, hmm? Did you believe that crap about Oswald being the long gunman? Or the 911 report??? Hehehe, 2 planes hit 2 buildings and 3 fall down! No video EVER from the pentagon crash although they have 400 cameras on that building and a missile defense system!!! Or ever read about the experiments our own government has performed on their own citizens without their consent? Pfffft, to trust our government is foolish...

I'm purchasing the iodine tab's just in case, along with radiation cards...These are cheap adn store for years! Be prepared, especially if you live in the area of a nuke reactor...



PROJECT SHAD...military personnel were purposely exposed to radiation, biological, chemical, etc weapons



HEY, just research stuff yourself....make your own decisions!

cubsquealRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
Wonder where the 2.5 million curies from the USSR were slipped in at. :

draglineRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
My recent research regarding the potential for radioactive fallout associated with the Fukushima reactor meltdowns and the recent hype over a potentially radioactive release of steam in late December, 2013, has led me to conclude that this specific concern is unfounded.

In my opinion the supposed radioactive steam release observed Friday, 27-Dec-2013, at the Fukushima Reactor #3 site had nothing to do with a worsening of the stability of the reactor but was instead merely due to the fact that every time it rains at the site latent heat in the core area of Reactor #3 causes a plume of steam to rise upwards as that rainwater evaporates. While there is a potential for this rising steam to have increased radioactivity it is probably not as significantly radioactive as the rainwater that leaches through that rubble into the ground water that eventually flows out to the Pacific Ocean.

However, recent surveys of beach radiation along the California and Oregon coasts suggest that a few of these radioactive hot spots may indeed be occurring because of radioactive Fukushima flotsam.

YOU DECIDE! Is Mainstream Media Presstitutes Downplaying Radiation Dangers To Pacify Public?

Wall St. Journal: Plutonium levels 1,000 times normal on seafloor 50 miles from San Francisco — Expert Appalled: Major nuclear dump offshore is a threat to health — Around 50,000 containers of radioactive waste in globally significant ecosystem
Rod_SeiadRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
I'll continue to absorb sunshine in huge doses, I seem to respond in a healthy manner to radiation exposure.

I've yet to see the numbers on what Hanford is being blamed for. Realistically, until the scientific community reports to the contrary, there is no health threat.

But go ahead, fan the flames if you want to. You're wasting time.

aumbreRe: Hanford radioactivity along the Oregon Coast
Ron, concerning your response to the first post, what is it that you consider a lie and do you think that labeling threats to people’s health or the environment as “enviromania” make the threats less serious?

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