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hoppingforpayRe: The Jewellers shop


At least you read reports and what not, that is better than many prospective prospectors.....
hoppingforpayRe: The Jewellers shop
Why don't you fire up your Elan then and stake them. I am not interested in that kind of speculative staking.
geowizardRe: The Jewellers shop

Not every anomaly is a world class anomaly.

Grade 6 anomalies have scores from 50 to 100. There are 11 grade 6 anomalies in the Forty-Mile.

Grade 5 anomalies have scores from 20 to 50. There are 63 grade five anomalies in the Forty-Mile.

There are lode deposits that are supported by geophysical data connected with most of the placer deposits - both known and yet undiscovered placer deposits.

There is a grade 5 anomaly on Stonehouse 4 that has a score of 23.3.

- Geowizard

geowizardRe: The Jewellers shop

So, if you're looking for a jewelry shop in the Forty-Mile, there are 9 world class locations. For reference purposes, I give these anomalies a "score".

Grade 7 has a score greater than 100.

There is an anomaly with a score of 107.9 located 1.6 miles from the south end of the runway at Chicken. :confused:

Another anomaly with a score of 80.8 located 2.1 miles from the south end of the runway right next to the Taylor highway.

Another anomaly with a score of 102.0 located 2.7 miles from the south end of the runway.

- Geowizard
geowizardRe: The Jewellers shop

In 1998, a geophysical survey was conducted on portions of the Forty-Mile by helicopter.

There were 9,033 reported geophysical anomalies.

Nine of the anomalies are grade 7, world class anomalies.

One of those was on a tributary of Liberty Creek.

The anomaly is not claimed to this date.

I know of four world class anomalies that are in the same section. They also remain unclaimed.

To date, I have spent almost 2000 hours mapping discrete bedrock anomalies in the Forty-Mile district. There are 7,854 discrete bedrock anomalies. 1,025 surface anomalies,

- Geowizard
hoppingforpayRe: The Jewellers shop

This is a staking expedition camp on Liberty Creek. The tent is on spruce boughs. The time of year is April. The upstream miner used a dragline, and is a funky character. I don't think he did that well.

You really need to know your stuff to get here in mid-winter since the road is closed at Tetlin Jct. and it is usually much colder.

Most likely not dredging ground do to depth of ground, width of valley and history of being lean. Definitely not a Jewellers shop.
hoppingforpayRe: The Jewellers shop

A Hughes 500 working or me. The pilot is a cool guy.
hoppingforpayRe: The Jewellers shop

Sometimes I catch the meaning sometimes I miss. I am sure the same thing happens with the interpretations of my writing... You know the bushy factor+ heredity+too many internet searches makes for a complicated mix in the head. Maybe I'll sort it out one day, but I doubt it.

.Pretty soon I will be completely misunderstood by all. In real life very few words come out of me. It's for my own good!
dickbRe: The Jewellers shop

I was referring to the road to Nome study.

hoppingforpayRe: The Jewellers shop

; )

Phil, nice find on the Clutha!

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