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AK_Au_diverRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome

Thanks guys, hopefully my post helps out some people.

I was trying to avoid resurrecting a long-lost thread by posting a link to this one, I guess it didn't work. Just be careful to look at the date of the comments you are responding to.

I know a guy that comes to Nome for vacation every summer and all he does is buy good equipment for cheap off miners that just want to go home, and sells it to the next wave for a profit.

dickbRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome

Great post!

Maybe you could start a gold rush up in Barrow. Would be harder and more expensive than Nome, think reality tv would be interested? "ARTIC OCEAN GOLD DREDGING"


azkidRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
hit me up while here we can goto breakfast or someting and shoot the breeze
MarshallAkRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
How well I remember my one adventure into mining on the Nome beach many long years ago: OMG...did I freeze my A@@ off! The humidity and wind just cut right through my clothing...40 degrees felt like 5...

Bring WARM clothing!
kurt_BlumbergRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
Great original post AK Au Diver,...wise words I will squirrel away for the future when I'm tempted to return to Nome...then to do battle with the elements that guard the gold.
captainmalRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
Great post AK_Au_Diver. I'm in Fairbanks in Aug for 14 days. I'm sure you'll still be working hard in Nome so I probably won't see you. Get while the getting is good.
HolotadiginRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
I'm just going to retrofit that submarine I bought on craigslist with the robotic arm kit I found on ebay. Is the season open year round?

pelukRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
There is an idea there that is workable I think.It has to be brought down to an affordable level but it will work.

A visiting dredging enthusiast invests in another working dredge at any one of a number of levels.His return would be based on the financial risk.He assists on board and sees the good and bad points of dredging offshore.It would be like paying for a guided hunt.

Problems would arrise however as days might drag on with no time on the water.Personalities would clash as they often seem to do in mining partnerships.

It would,as Ak_Au_Diver suggests,save the aspiring dredger from really getting in over his head.It would certainly better prepare the individual to go further or give it up entirely.

Here is a taste of the dredging atmosphere here from one week.
Ex.1...A towny commented that a young dredger was really put off by the cold water and current.That's not bad...if you're only helping out,and not strapped to the investment.

Ex.2...A dredger is running his 5" dredge through its paces in a local creek prior to going offshore.This is wise as he found out.As I watched,water was squirting out the seal on his pump.He said it couldn't have been run dry for more than "a few seconds at most".Moments later,no lie,he put his back out of allignment.Next step was to enquire about the local chiropractor,walk over to his ATV,and drive away.
Ex.3...Last night,a diver came by my yard.He said he had just had a fallig out with the dredge owner.He asked if I had a spot where he could stash his gear and sleep for a couple of days.I pointed him to a good clean back shed and he went and got his gear.This morning,he called to say his other prospect had come through and he was diving again.

So,there you go.The Sun was out a few days ago and it was calm.On the east side waters,there were 16 dredges afloat both large and small.That means there were probably 4-6 more on the west side waters.I've never seen that many in operation at once.
Yesterday the east beach looked like a parking lot for dredges because the wind was up.

I just loaned my 5"dredge out.It is inland now and a deal was struck.I'll see at season's end how feasible that was and I'll let you know.
HerschelRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
I enjoyed that post. NeilAK, you just saved somebody some money. Great info.
NeilAKRe: How to Start Offshore Dredging in Nome
That is one of the smartest posts I have seen on the bb's I frequent in a while.

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