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baubRe: PCC-3 concentrator by Valery Pugachev
Been hearing that too.

goldstonehighRe: PCC-3 concentrator by Valery Pugachev
I heard Knelson is the best.
baubRe: PCC-3 concentrator by Valery Pugachev
I talked to the distributor in Anchorage and he no longer is selling the product. It didn't meet his standards and he's talking with Falcon about their products.

dungbeetleRe: PCC-3 concentrator by Valery Pugachev
Centrifugal inertia concerntrator....

sounds like they are using vibrations to mimic a bump tables action under high G. if it does work and they really dont need a fluid bed, that would be very very cool..

what sort of $$ are they asking for the 3ton model?

The falcon 250 is going for $26k they would want to be well under 1/3 that price considering the simplicity of the bowl and the fact they are a pretty much unknown company IMO :smile:
baubRe: PCC-3 concentrator by Valery Pugachev
Thanks Steppe.
There's a distributor in Alaska that I'll call today or Monday.

SteppegoldRe: PCC-3 concentrator by Valery Pugachev
Hi Baub, I'd also like to learn more about this concentrator.

It may, or may not, be wonderful.

I'd be particuarly interested to hear comments from actual users, and any independent test results. Indeed, any actual published results by the manufacturer.

At present, all I have to go on is the quite detailed advertising. This includes knocking copy about its main competitors (Knelson, Falcon and Itomak), and as it happens the knocking copy is quite wrong. If the info on its 3 competitors is wrong, then I become very cautious about info on the machine inself.

Anyone able to comment further?

Well done Baub for highlighting this device.

baubPCC-3 concentrator by Valery Pugachev
Anyone have any info about this concentrator ? How does it compare to the Knelsons etal? Reliability, ease of use, recovery percentages and so forth.
I'm looking at something to process -80 impact mill outputs. Been contemplating big sluices, multiple G-1s etc. Need something to handle about 3-6tph.



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