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22:39:05 Wed
May 23 2012

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Take action to STOP the EPA!

Dear Resourceful Earth Supporter,

Over the past weeks we’ve warned of a massive EPA power grab to assert control over permitting for potentially every project in America.

Last Friday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) took its first step in its planned power grab, and if unchecked, the EPA will wreak havoc on the American economy.

Take action to STOP the EPA!

The first step in the plan was the EPA’s release of a draft watershed study of a hypothetical mining project’s hypothetical impacts in remote Southwest Alaska. Not surprisingly, the report was met with loud orchestrated supportive cheers of well-funded environmental groups.

Why such cheer from the big green groups?

Because they know this seemly innocuous assessment is a precursor for the EPA to take unprecedented action to preemptively deny permits for its targeted project-- the Pebble deposit-- before they have even been applied for and before the project even has a plan in place!

And it won't stop there. Environmental groups immediately called for similar action in other part of the U.S., including the Great Lakes region.

Asserting this power would allow the EPA to kill ANY PROJECT ANYWHERE IN THE UNITED STATES before it receives its due process.

This is par for the course for this rogue EPA. The courts keep striking down Lisa Jackson’s EPA’s Machiavellian moves for total control of the American economy but the EPA merely pushes the envelope more.

Last year the EPA took away a coal mine's permits in West Virginia that had been granted years before - the court slapped the EPA down.
Then the EPA bullied an Idaho couple, who were just trying to build their dream home, taking away their due process under the law—a unanimous Supreme Court slapped the EPA down again.

Now the EPA is going a step further – they want to kill projects before they even enter the process.

The impact of this action will devastate the already shaky U.S. Economy. If successful, this will have a chilling effect on over $200 billion in annual investment that relies on such permits—farming, manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, energy, mining--you name it!

If we don't take a stand, special interest environmental groups will no longer have to fight on the facts or science - they will just need to make the most noise and a compliant EPA will kill projects at will!

The EPA’s biggest power grab to date must be stopped.

TAKE A STAND against Lisa Jackson and the power-hungry EPA now!

The stakes have never been higher. Since this new power would give the EPA the authority to kill economic development - and the jobs we so desperately need – more than ever, it is critical that we take a stand to stop the EPA!

We must stand together and oppose this gross overreach. Be sure to share this message and any action you take with your friends so our voice can be heard!

Don’t let the EPA become the jobs and economy killer we all fear it can be. Take action and spread the word today!

Thank you for your support!

The Resourceful Earth Team

20:52:19 Sun
Oct 21 2012

Re: Take action to STOP the EPA!

Posted to my facebook.
Spread the word!

22:59:40 Thu
Oct 25 2012

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Re: Take action to STOP the EPA!

Right on Jim, we do have to pay attention and spread the word on this.

Mark Levin, a popular (very conservative) radio talk show host has been on this subject and currently has a lawsuit about their lack of providing documents through the freedon of information act.

Below is a link to his web site and with some interesting articles.


Thanks for all you do Jim,

Joe's Cabin Rental

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