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03:03:11 Wed
Oct 17 2012

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Miner Dave

From http://www.kmed.com/common/more.php?m=49&action=blog&r=2
And if you missed it from yesterday - "MINER DAVE EVERIST" Sentenced - Miner Dave Everist called me today - His sentence, just handed down, includes 30 days in the hole, starting November 1st, 3 years probation with no mining on BLM or Forest Service land. $1000 fine, but $800 of it he won't have to pay if he complies. Restitution for the disposal of his trailer, too. He's convicted of "illegal occupation". Funny, that's the phrase which comes to mind as I look upon a sea of alphabet soup agencies and administrative courts eating the seed corn of our land.

One of the challenges facing Dave, and other constitutionalists like him, is we're past the time of working within the system. The constitution is a dead letter, and many Americans give tacit permission, and their silence is purchased with entitlements and benefits. It'll last for a while longer, until the bond markets force disruption upon the status quo which funds this strange administrative state. This is not about the rule of law, it's more correctly termed the exercise of power.




16:03:55 Thu
Oct 18 2012

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Re: Miner Dave

The Constitution of the United States of America became a dead letter on the 21st of February, 1871, when Congress passed an unconstitutional law under the "Acts of the Forty-First Congress," Section 34, Session III, Chapters 61 and 62. Entitled "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia, also referred to as "Act of 1871." This Act for the first time creates and establishes the Federal Government of The United States of America, Incorporated.

But you need to realize that Congress had no constitutional authority to create such a government. The Federal Government of the United States of America really has no legal basis of authority except, perhaps and at most, within the confines of the that 10 square mile area known as the District of Columbia.

The biggest problem we face as US citizens is that the original Constitution of the United States of America penned by our founding fathers does not have jurisdiction over this illegal government. Neither this illegal government nor the District of Columbia ever were or are a party to that constitution.

How did this happen? Back in January and February of 1871 our country was in a desperate situation, bankrupted from the Civil War our American Congress cut a deal with the International Bankers (the Rothschild family of London) to create this privately owned corporation right under the noses of the American people.

The original constitution as drafted by our founding fathers read: "The Constitution for the united states of America."

After 1871 the altered versions now read: "THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA."

As you can see with the change of just one word our constitution became the property of a corporation, not the sovereign people. Since 1871 our constitution became a corporate constitution that now derives its power and authority from the corporation, not from God and not the people.

This document no longer applies to the American people nor the Republic they founded. It only applies to and benefits the privately owned corporation that resides in the District of Columbia. This document now strictly relates to matters pertaining to the commerce, finances and profits of the corporation. This is a very big change because it no longer protects the American people... it protects the financial interests of the corporation.

This jurisdiction of this document now resides outside the original constitution and no federal court considers that original document when ruling on matters pertaining to the financial interests and welfare of the corporation.

Our Republic fell on February 21, 1871.

Prior to this date there were no birth certificates issued in America. There were only bible ledgers and county records. Since the fall of our Republic all counties have issued birth certificates from the Commerce Department of the United States of America, Incorporated. Why the commerce department? Because everyone born in America that was issued a birth certificate is the property of this corporation... a slave. We are all chattel.

Our original constitution emanated from sovereign people. Our current constitution emanates from an illegal government that has no legitimate power to rule over sovereign people. Our current constitution only has power to rule over the property of the corporation.

Perhaps this current constitution could just as easily have been amended to read...

"We the Slaves of Untied States of America, Incorporated, in Order to form..."

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