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23:51:27 Wed
Apr 14 2010

205 posts

Re: MEG's Duplicate post

If the definition of lunacy is "trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results", then MEG is a complete and total loon.

Once again, Zooka offers a simple and concise request for MEG to prove himself. And once again all we hear from MEG are <crickets>.

02:13:51 Thu
Apr 15 2010

1384 posts

Re: MEG's Duplicate post

Once again -

MEG is not Hal Anthony.

MEG is a cohort, disciple, groupie, follower or self styled (and maybe even unwanted) mouthpiece - nothing more.

Until Hal Anthony stands up on his own two legs and begins speaking up for himself (and actually putting his words into action) his babbling, as presented by MEG, is totally untested, and therefore not to be trusted.

My mining is very precious to me. It's too precious to allow a non-entity like "MEG" to draw me into false paths of belief and action in the name of Hal Anthony's shaky theories.

Remember that little old lady in the commercials who asked "Where's the Beef?"! It sure seems we need that here.

As to how Hal's theories stack up to Zooka's education, experience and training - Zooka gets my vote, hands down.


Wiser Mining Through Endless Personal Mistakes
06:54:47 Thu
Apr 15 2010

436 posts

Gap of 117 years


Thanks for your prompt reply.

Your evidence stops in 1893.

The year now is 2010.

No riddle then.

Just a 117-year gap.

Thanks anyway.


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17:59:39 Thu
Apr 15 2010

732 posts
Re: Gap of 117 years

If I was MEG I would be presenting absolute concrete proof that my assertions were correct. Instead we get nothing but a circle jerk.


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