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Greetings Alaska Trappers ( 03:04:37 WedApr 15 2009 )

Greetings Alaska Trappers. Thank you Jim_Alaska for allowing me to the site. As I peruse the postings I recognize many Alaska Trappers from other sites.

I have trapped for about 44 years. My new registered trapping area is in a wilderness area at high elevations in the Okanagan area of BC. Mostly I have Marten and Lynx on my area. At the lower levels I have some bobcats. Very few beavers, some mink and otter travel the river. Only Two lakes on my whole area.

I am also an official spokesman for NAFA on forum sites and if you have any questions just send me a PM. If I do not know an answer I am in touch with the Wild Fur Division on a regular basis.

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Re: Greetings Alaska Trappers ( 03:12:58 WedApr 15 2009 )

Welcome aboard Trapper Ron :welcome:
I look forward to having your input on the forum.
Hope you had a successful season.

Best, Dick

Dick Hammond - Chicken, Alaska
Chicken / Stonehouse Creek Mining
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Re: Greetings Alaska Trappers ( 17:12:41 FriApr 17 2009 )

Welcome Trapper Ron!

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Re: Greetings Alaska Trappers ( 15:59:41 SunApr 26 2009 )

Hi Ron. Didn't know you were a NAFA spokesmen, must have been an interesting season. Sorry I missed you in Kelowna somehow, maybe next time.

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Re: Greetings Alaska Trappers ( 05:16:14 MonApr 27 2009 )

Welcome Trapper Ron
What did you think of the recent article in FF&G?
ATA Blue Lynx 114

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Re: Greetings Alaska Trappers ( 04:23:47 FriMay 29 2009 )

Wow!!! Just like homecoming! I just signed up here,
opened this thread and there's Ron, Kusko, and waterrat! Greetings guy's. This looks like a great site
and especially since I'm into small time prospectoring as well as trapping. Good to know a few people here and look forward to getting to know more.
Spek Jones


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