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Welcome ( 21:23:51 WedApr 29 2009 )

Welcome to the Alaska Gold Forums!

We are really glad to have you with us. The Alaska Gold Forums are one of the largest of their kind on the Internet. I created them in 2002 and they have grown steadily since that time.

Here you will find four forums that will give you information on a broad range of subjects. Some are more active than others, depending on what our members are posting about at any given time. For instance, our trapping forum is very active during the trapping season. But our prospecting forum is pretty much active all the time, since there are more prospectors on this forum than the trapping forum.

You can enjoy posts from members that reside world wide, these truly are International Forums. You can ask questions and get answers from people that are experts in their field, or just socialize and make new friends.

We have trappers on the trapping forum that are living that lifestyle right now. They can provide information on species, methods, pricing and where your fur will bring the highest prices. They also enjoy posting pictures of what they do.

We have members on the prospecting forum that are small scale miners, commercial mining operations, geologists, and world class metal detectorists. They help new and not so new prospectors in every field of prospecting and even hard rock mining. Even if you live in a country other than the U.S., we have members that know the conditions where you live and can advise you on how to do it, where to go, and what has been found there before.

Our forum community has developed into a place that members enjoy as a place to come and socialize with others of like interests. You will be easily and genuinely accepted as a brother or sister forum member. Our little community is known for being a place that is friendly and where members police themselves to keep problems at an absolute minimum.

Please enjoy The Alaska Gold Forums!


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