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04:58:16 Mon
Sep 21 2009

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Can I Help??


I wanna help out with this re-bolting team/fund you guys have got going.

In only a couple of months of outdoor rock-climbing ive already got so much out of it and clipped hundereds of bolts someone else has paid for.

I also really respect the fact that heaps of very experienced climbers are bolting routes that are far below their level of climbing just for rookies like myself to learn the ropes on and have some fun.

I'm in a position where I could supply some materials for the more experienced guys to use.

Things a may be able to help with;

Chemset - Hilti or Ramset (I'm guessing injection is best, which one?)

SS Carrot Bolts (What size??? I'm guessing 10mm shaft 100mm long)

SS rod which can be cut to size and bent into U-bolts or welded into rings (Again, im guessing 10mm shaft, smooth not threaded)

I would happily do the work filing down and notching the SS carrots as well as doing the work, including the weldinging on the rings and U's if I got some details on sizes and embedment depths

09:01:13 Mon
Sep 21 2009

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Re: Can I Help??

Wow nice to Mr Law he might need some to rebolt some of his old horror shows or contact as he might have a list of people needing stuff?


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