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devilspawnRe: Avi help
Monic that new size limit is really messing up a lot of people avis, just looks wierd. And when i did the avis for dusted i did so thinking there would be no size limit on here and people could do whatever they want, cause it only effects people individual posts anyway. If somebody puts in an avi that is just seriously too large then we could deal with it on a case by case. :glittery:
EVIL3Re: Avi help
Oh now it shows up.
I don't know what the problem was before, but last time I was here and I changed it it wasn't working. I tried for about two days to change it.

Then of course as soon as I start this thread, it works... Go figure...

I have no problem with the size limit. All my avi's are already 100 X 100.
MonicRe: Avi help
Yes... it is 100px max width. Is it bothering you? It's because with your new set up in Showtime, I thought it was a good idea to limit the width size of the avi. And for the avi, I have to do it board wide; cannot limit to only one forum.

LunabunnyRe: Avi help
BOB!!! :omg::bolt:
wilntaraschick1Re: Avi help
yeh i can see...

remember though monic has set a smaller size for av i think it was 100 in width...right?... it will squash like mine if its too big:glomp:
MonicRe: Avi help
It seems to show up now?
EVIL3Avi help
I tried changing my avitar, and now it won't show up...

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