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(Mostly) Free Software and Plug-in Links ( 15:34:13 SunNov 9 2003 )

i want to add free media player links and such here. i will say whether they are cross-platform or only pc/mac, whatever, and what they're used for. that way, if anyone is new to a certain type of multimedia or just wants to try something new, we'll have some safe choices here to try.

operative word being safe, tried and true. so if anyone would like to add a link to free helper software, make sure you know it's really good, stable, and well-supported.

here's the link to RealPlayer/RealOne, which is used for streaming media of several types, on most platforms. you can pay for a subscription to premium content, but it's not required, and RealPlayer is used by many sites for video and audio clips:


as an Apple user, i prefer QuickTime Player, though it's best to have a choice of players on your computer, since websites may only offer media in one or the other. QT also available for Windows, and here's a link to information about it, and a download area:


i'm assuming you all have Windows Media Player, since most of you use PCs on which it has already been installed. but you'll appreciate, if you have the space, having all three players.

later on, i'm going to add links for audio, video and photo manipulation, and some other little tools you may not have used. and you can, too. but most of those are try before buy, so i want us all to be careful about what we recommend. it should be worth the effort we put into download and installation time, and not tend to crash the more crashable computers.

finally, if you have a particularly good piece of software you have purchased, let us know about it here; the platform availability, whether it's purchaseable online, and the price range.


ps--want to say this now to avoid offending anyone later. let's keep this thread on topic. it's about software, not whyidon'tlikespuffy/spangel, sex, whatsinthenews, or apartyiwentto.
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Re: (Mostly) Free Software and Plug-in Links ( 00:37:01 SatNov 15 2003 )

Cool idea pebo thanks :hug:



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