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Signature Problems ( 20:13:14 SatNov 22 2003 )


I had to do that first!

Ok, the problem is this. I canme up with a cool new signature earlier, so i added it and made it my default sig. I went to make a post and my new sig wasnt in the signature options. I went and deleted all my old sigs and kept my one new sig. I then went to post again and when i pulled down the signature list, my new one still wasnt there and all the ones had just deleted were still on the list!!!

Can anyone tell me whats going on cause it's driving me mad!!:mad2:

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Re: Signature Problems ( 20:55:10 SatNov 22 2003 )

i answered in the chat...that you are in:cute:

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Re: Signature Problems ( 21:13:39 SatNov 22 2003 )

Not sure what's going on. Sometimes it helps to close down the window and then get Dusted back up again. It does take a while for the changes to be complete :smile: Try that and let us knwo what happens :smile:

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Re: Signature Problems ( 23:36:10 SatNov 22 2003 )

mine are backwooooo


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