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The Code of Conduct lives here! Also living here are problems and suggestions on improving the boards.
5617 posts in 308 threads Last Post In What's The Deal With Contradic...
by jlgg at 02:50:38 Mon Jan 11 2016
In Game
  The Game Room
Friendly arguments and advice about our favorite games, including RPGs, board games, video games, etc.
32608 posts in 1527 threads Last Post In Gary Gygax 1938-2008
by Count_Arioch_the_28th at 19:20:29 Fri Mar 7 2008
  Custom Designs
Ideas and inspirations fresh-brewed at home!
4793 posts in 582 threads Last Post In Working on a high level encoun...
by Count_Arioch_the_28th at 18:24:28 Fri Mar 7 2008
  The Elemental Plane of Mischief
Campaign stories, online games, artwork, and other fun stuff.
8655 posts in 188 threads Last Post In Warcraft Songs
by Franklint at 17:24:54 Sat Mar 1 2008
Out of Game
  The Nifty Forum
Hellos and anything goes. Well actually, some things will not in fact go. But most will. Post here if your topic doesn't seem to fit anywhere else.
43220 posts in 665 threads Last Post In Yet More Pointless Observation...
by Count_Arioch_the_28th at 19:30:43 Fri Mar 7 2008
  The Entertainment Center
Discussion on movies, books, television, etc goes here.
9480 posts in 506 threads Last Post In 10,000 BC (movie)
by sigma999 at 05:02:32 Wed Mar 5 2008
  Nifty Deliberations
Friendly arguments that are not about our favorite games.
20341 posts in 809 threads Last Post In "He/she can't sing" vs. "I don...
by Desdan_Mervolam at 14:07:06 Fri Mar 7 2008
  The Universal RPG
Join in as we attempt to design our own Universal Role Playing Game System
221 posts in 7 threads Last Post In Testing to see if anyone still...
by Zherog at 08:10:06 Thu Dec 28 2006
When you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Our attempts to reforge the SRD.
383 posts in 22 threads Last Post In Proof that I'm here
by Zherog at 19:03:18 Fri Sep 3 2004
  Classes and Races

468 posts in 18 threads Last Post In Vancian Magic (Preparing Spell...
by Rahan at 10:12:59 Mon Dec 22 2003
  Skills and Feats

371 posts in 12 threads Last Post In 3.5 SRD - Feats
by Draco_Argentum at 04:31:09 Sat Nov 22 2003
  Spells and Magic

281 posts in 21 threads Last Post In Problematic Spells (yep, it's ...
by Unholydragoon at 03:59:47 Sun Sep 14 2003
  Combat and Equipment

130 posts in 10 threads Last Post In 3.5 SRD - Special Materials
by Guest at 15:17:10 Fri May 7 2004
  Abilities, Types, and Conditions

153 posts in 8 threads Last Post In The Prime is prime, man: The s...
by Medesha at 19:32:12 Tue May 11 2004

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