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21:36:37 Thu
Jun 30 2011

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Re: Drozd Blackbird "Sergey's board - 2" (9-24V, 400-2000 RPM, Full auto, 4-12 m

Quote: Sergey_new_pcb at 14:44:31 Thu Jun 30 2011

The whole lot of boards are travelling to Canada plus one more to California.

I sure like hearing that, and that business is good for you, over there. I sure don't evey you having to eek out an existance is such a suffering economy. And gentlement don't discuss business insofar as bringing up money, but it's nice to know that you are busy, and that the new boards are selling. I hope that they are selling at least somewhat significanly better than the old versions, anyway. I had one of those, so I don't need to explain that I understood why they were the best, but most people spending money on an upgrade of any kind expect some kind of immediate gain of something. FPS comes from pressure, and although your boards allow for higher voltage, which you in turn need to run at the high pressures that we use to get really big increases in fps, and great adjustabilty (and that cool "puse rifle" led display), there wasn't much that could be gained there, except cyclic rate. I'm glad I suggested it, THAT is something that can't be had any other way, and certainly can't be bad for business. I knew I would have to buy another board for that, as did everyone here, who had one of your original boards. We are all about extremes around here, you know. I hope they are selling better, I don't have many good ideas, perportionally to the bad ones, especially if it helps out a friend who deserves it, in any way. I love mine, and NOW I can't think of anything that would make me like it any better. 2000prm is just awsome, the new sound is music to my ears. I just leave it at 2000rpm, unless I do the occasional single shots. I can't give anything a higher endorsement. For what it's worth, although I bought a BBMax chip at the same time I bought my Blackbird from ray, it was just to hold me over, until I could get the rest together, all the other upgrades that I wanted, I only bought mine because I wanted one of your boards, that was what sold me on the thing in the first place. That was just too cool not to have.

In my experience, the secret to happiness is learning to sort out the occasional good idea from an endless body of bad ones.

I'm a Toxic Agent on a dangerous mission so secret that even I don't know what it is, and if I did, I'd have to kill myself!

"If you set a man a fire, you'll keep him warm for a night. But if you set a man on fire, you'll keep him warm for the rest of his life!"

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