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15:04:33 Thu
Dec 13 2012

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Re: Drozd Blackbird "Sergey's board - 2" (9-24V, 400-2000 RPM, Full auto, 4-12 m

Quote: camracer at 14:36:00 Thu Dec 13 2012

Yeah that IS a good idea DUBB.

I think my way might be quicker to install?? Maybe not. I have a new BB mag I have yet to put the Nichibo motor into. I'll try your method to compare.


I bought a 10mm, and a 12mm drill bit, I know I used one of those to make super quick work of it when I did GD's mag for him. It sure was a lot less trouble than enlarging the hole with my dremmel tool, like I did when I did mine. "Like buttuh..."

Also: I used an ordinary table fork to remove the pinion from the original motor, I just slipped the middle tines under the pinion, and pried it off. To set the pinion on the new motor, I opened up my vise really wide, held the pinion on the end of the shaft, with the whole thing in the vise, and gave it a squeeze. It pressed right on. I think the original one was glued with something, but the fit to the new shaft was plenty tight that it required no glue, or anything. Hell, I had to press it on in my vise. I cut the shaft down with my dremmel tool, but another way that might do it is to connect the motor to a power supply, and run it, then put a hacksaw blade or maybe the edge of a file to it, and let the motor cut it's own shaft. I took some time when I did mine, but I did GD's, the second one I did, in just a few minutes, really. It was short work the second time I did it. I'm sure I can do it in 30 minutes, now. The fork is a really good trick, as the pinion is a bitch to remove, and the fork made it really easy, slide it in, and pry it up. The fork will make contact with the pinion on 3 sides, and can't slip, or anything. You might have to do it in 2 moves, the second requiring that something be placed between the fork and the motor, to get it to lift the pinion high enough to clear off the shaft. You would do that opposite of the fork's handle.
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