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NickdiskRe: Back
I know its frustrating, but we are still looking at whats causing the Server Side Backup bug.

BbBoy has cancelled your boards recurring payment :smile:
DeeboyRe: Back
I still can't do a Server Side Backup and it's going on two months now. What is the problem?

I want to thank the Technical Support staff for there “quick” response to our problem!

I realize that we are just a small board and don't generate the volume that others board might but that’s no excuse for your lack of resolution to this problem. I suppose that the statement that appears on the top of the Admin Board where you say, “If you encounter any problems, or have a question, please don't hesitate to visit the support forums. BbBoard was written by our Best Boards staff, so please report any bugs you find, or suggest new features. BbBoard is constantly being improved and upgraded, and it is only with user suggestions that we can make it better. Enjoy administering a BbBoard!”, is just something to fill up the page! Of course, to be fair, you don’t say you’re going to correct the problems, you just ask us to not “hesitate” to visit the support board. Great lip service though I believed you!

We were very happy being a member of the BbBoard family but that’s no longer the case. We’ve been more than patient and have given you enough time to fix the problem in my opinion. Unfortunately, as a result of your slow and poor Technical Support, we can not, in good conscience, recommend BbBoard to our friends and associates. Two months ago that wasn’t the case.

I guess the same person that's looking into the Server Side Backup problem is the one canceling our recurring payment. I have yet to be notified that it has been cancelled.

Could someone PLEASE tell me if our recurring payment has been CANCELED!

Thank You,
NickdiskRe: Back
I know its frustrating, but BbBoy is still looking at whats causing the bug to happen.

Thanks, i'll ask BbBoy if he can cancel your recurring payment for you :smile:
DeeboyRe: Back
It has been over a MONTH and we still can't do a backup. I'd say you Tech Support is sorely lacking.

Also please cancel our recurring payment. The information you requested is...

NickdiskRe: Back
Ahh, thanks, I'll let BbBoy know :smile:

I'm afraid we're still looking into whats causing the bug.

To cancel a recurring payment, if you could whisper the receipt that was emailed to you when you set the recurring payment up, i'll ask BbBoy if he can cancel it for you :smile:
DeeboyRe: Back
Quote: Nickdisk at 02:44:00 Wed Aug 24 2005

Do you have the 'Enable Auto-Backup On Important Admin events?' feature enabled on your board? If not, if you enable it, are you able to make a server side backup by making an important change (like saving your boards settings, etc)? :smile:

Well Nick, I went in and checked the 'Enable Auto-Backup On Important Admin events?' feature and sadly NOTHING has happened. I’m not quite sure why this would affect it since it wasn’t enabled before and I was still able to do backups. I get the following screens:

This is getting beyond ridiculous. It’s been three weeks and still no solution. I consider this a critical procedure in the maintenance of our site. Are we the only site that is having this problem? If so, does it have to do with the server we’re on? Can we be moved to another server?

Another thing, what do I need to do to cancel our recurring payment.

NickdiskRe: Back
Do you have the 'Enable Auto-Backup On Important Admin events?' feature enabled on your board? If not, if you enable it, are you able to make a server side backup by making an important change (like saving your boards settings, etc)? :smile:
NickdiskRe: Back
Thanks, i'll let BbBoy know :smile:
DeeboyRe: Back
Hey Nick,

I've tried everything concerning backups and it seems that nothing works. I can't Download Backup, when I click on it, it appears that everything is going OK, it says that it is opening the page then after a lengthy time I usually get This Page Can Not Be Displayed or a screen filled with weird characters.

As you know I can't do a Server Side Backup but I'm able to get into Restore From Backup but of course since I can't download a backup to restore this is pretty much useless.

NickdiskRe: Back
Hi Deeboy :smile:

BbBoy has asked, if you do a downloadable backup, does that work, or do you just get redirected? :smile:

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