Can't do backups
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21:34:04 Wed
Apr 6 2005
Can't do backups
Posted this in another thread a while ago but can't find it now.
For the last weeks/month, I've been unable to do either server side backups or to download a backup. I tried 2 different computers and 2 different browsers. When I try, it takes forever and then says 'page contained no data' or else it takes me to the 'page cannot be displayed' page.

I noticed tonight there is a serverside backup saved now that I'm assuming bbboy did, but I tried and still can't backup. It makes me nervous, can someone look into this?


01:53:50 Thu
Apr 7 2005
Re: Can't do backups
Hi anne123456 :smile:

I've asked BbBoy for you, and it's because your boards so big (it's using up about 1GB of disk space) that compressing the backup would take absolutely ages, so your browser probably gives up before it gets back. Theres not much we can do about that, i'm afraid. The only suggestion i can give is to cut your board's size down a bit, maybe cull old threads, etc, if you really need a backup :smile:

Can't do backups
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