We're hiring!
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17:56:07 Fri
Sep 19 2003
We're hiring!

[ These positions are for the upcoming release of bbBoard v2, our downloadable message board software product. You do not need to be familiar with our existing services. ]

bbNetwork Ltd. is looking for talented, hard-working individuals to join our growing team. We are a UK company, however all work is offered on a telecommute basis - therefore international applicants are welcome and encouraged. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Please see below for wage/compensation information. If you are not based in the UK, then we prefer to pay you by PayPal (www.PayPal.com), as it's a great deal easier for international payments. All payments paid monthly.

If you wish to apply for a position, please send your resume to hr@bbboy.net stating which position you are interested in. We are looking for you to begin work in approximately one month's time.

For all positions, you must have a good general understanding of the Internet, and be quick to learn new things. You will need to learn the details of our products.

All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


General job description: Provided with a team of sales staff and a monthly budget, you report directly to the CEO. You are expected to:

- Gain high public exposure for the company and our products.
- Generate sales. The monthly marketing budget will grow as more sales are made.
- Converse with owners/operators of large and popular web sites and businesses, with the aim of gaining more public exposure from their using our products.
- Make sure the sales team are working productively, and assist them if they require help with anything.
- Take the monthly marketing budget and turn it into a positive income for the company. All marketing for the company is your responsibility.

We are only interested in legitimate methods of gaining sales. Methods such as UCE (spamming) are not acceptable.

Pay depends on experience and skill, and is negotiable. Please include your expected monthly wage with your resume if you are applying for this position. Good bonuses will be awarded for outstanding work. Hours are negotiable.


General job description: Provided with a company e-mail account and access to our sales online help-desk, you are expected to generate sales.

You may sometimes be provided with a list of prospective customers, or direct requests from customers to the sales help-desk. Other times, you will be expected to "scout out" customers using your own initiative and communications skills - either online or off, whichever you prefer. Note that we are only interested in legitimate methods of gaining sales - methods such as UCE (spamming) are not acceptable.

Sales staff will be paid on a commission basis. Our main product retails at $299 USD, and your base commission is 15% (approximately $45 per sale). A higher percentage will be given for particually high-volume sales people. Our products are mainly aimed at businesses and "power users". Therefore, strong communications skills and sales expertise are required. Good bonuses will be awarded for sales which gain the company high public exposure - for example a sale to a large business owner or web site.

We are looking for a team of 10-15 sales staff.

09:54:22 Mon
Sep 29 2003
Re: We're hiring!

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who's sent in their details. The response has been truly overwhelming.

We have now filled all positions available, and do not require any more applications at the present time - however, we will soon be requiring the following:

- E-mail/Helpdesk Support Techs
- Telephone Support Techs
- Additions to our Development Team
- Technical Writer
- In-house Solicitor

If any of those interest you, please watch for them being advertised in the coming weeks/months.

For anyone who's keeping up with the latest v2 developments, we have great news! The first publically-available release of v2 is hoped to be available in approximately one month's time. As noted elsewhere, this will be celebrated with a substantial discount for our existing customers. More information on v2 develeoments coming soon...

We're hiring!
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