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Please read this thread about free boards being deleted.

If you cannot log in please check the date and time on your computer because that will prevent you from logging in properly.

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Problems logging in? ( 08:48:07 SatApr 13 2002 )

Error: "Wrong Password"
The password you entered doesn't match the one that's in your records. If you need your password re-sent, you can visit . If you're copying and pasting the password from the welcome e-mail, then make sure that you're not copying and pasting a space, or some punctuation, before or after it. If you're typing the password in, then keep in mind that usernames and passwords are case sensitive, so "password", "PASSWORD" and "PaSsWoRd" are all different, make sure you're typing every letter in the correct case, and that there's no typos in there - some letters look a lot like each other, for example 0 and O or 1 and l.

Error: "Blocked login"
This means that you have the "only log me in once" option enabled in your privacy settings, and didn't log out cleanly. This could be if you cleared your cookies, or tried to log in from another computer without logging out on the other one first. Try and make it a habit to log out when you're finished, if you have the "only log me in once" option enabled, and use different computers. To get yourself un-blocked, please e-mail from the address you signed up with, with only your username in the subject line.

Error: "Username doesn't exist"
This means that the username you entered doesn't exist. Check that you're entering it correctly, and keep in mind that usernames and passwords are both case sensitive, so "username", "USERNAME", and "UsErNaMe" are all different. If you haven't registered, then you will need to to be able to log in. Visit to register.

Problem: The board doesn't recognize me as logged in even when it says "logged in sucessfully"
Visit . If it says "no cookies", then visit to learn how to enable cookies in your browser.

You can also just totally skip cookies by checking the "cookieless login" box when you log in. Checking the box will log you in without cookies, but it won't remember you for as long. For instance, if you go to another board on the network or even to your User CP, you will get automatically logged out. Also, you cannot log in with "cookieless" at a board which has membership screening (MBA) enabled, as this type of board requires a cookie to be set. Bear in mind that the "cookieless" login is only intended for use in situations where a normal login isn't possible, such as a school, library, university, workplace or internet cafe.

This error is also quite common when you have logged out, then are trying to log back in again. The reason for it happening is that some browsers require that you completely close the window before the cookies are deleted. Close any windows you have open on BbBoards, then open a brand new window, and log in again.

Also, another thing which can help in this situation is to totally delete your BbBoard cookie, and log in from the beginning. Cookies are kept in different places depending on your computer, browser, and OS, but most are in either C:\windows\cookies , or c:\Documents and Settings\Username\Cookies . When you've found them, look through for one with "bbboy" in the name. There may be more than one. Delete any you find with "bbboy" in the name, and try logging in again.

Also make sure that the date on your computer is correct - cookies won't work properly and you won't be able to log in unless it is.

Problem: I click "Log In" but nothing happens
You have disabled javascript, or have a popup killer installed. Enable javascript in your browser settings, or uninstall your popup killer.


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