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hi & help (several q) ( 07:00:09 SatFeb 26 2005 )

Sorry if this qualifies as a repost
but im desperate

Thanks for answering my questions, i look forward to reading your advice.
By the way, my system is regularly checked for spy/mal/adware and viruses. Its clean

I use the following startup programs (* means always running)

-DVDIDLE PRO (makes playing DVDS more effecient) *
-Smartmouse (makes mouse gestures) *
-DC++ *
-URLyWarning (website checker) *
-Admuncher *
-Symantec Crashstop *
-Tweakmaster (DNS Accelerator) *
-Spyblaster *
-Spysweeper (checks startup entry requests) *
-AVG Antivirus *
-microsoft antispyware *
-a2 trojan guard *
-ewido security (uses a guard) *

-pc bug doctor
-pcpitstop test
-Trend micro online scan (ive tried this once - not bad - didnt find anything though)
-Panda online scan (planning on trying this)
-Ad-aware SE PRO

-Tune up utilities 2004 Regcleaner (finds bad extentions, shortcuts, activex, etc..)
-windows pagefile degragger
-Big fix (i shut this one down if it has nothing to do)

these programs all find different problems, while it may seem i have too many programs with the same function, i find uses

for all these programs. If you think i should dump one of these programs, please specify.

Moving on,

My system is also checked by CHKDSK and defragged, before i ask my questions, here is a recent DEFRAG LOG for your technical


note: i conduct weekly cleaning sweeps and i use all the above programs systematically
note: i bootup my xp pro sp1 in less than a minute and i have at least a dozen startup programs marked with asteriks above

:) i need them all (or do I?) :)

The following is a DEFRAG REPORT created by Windows XP Defragger.

44% of my C drive is fragmented, this is because of all the VIDEO downloading i do from both WINMX and DC++. My most

fragmented files are in my DOWNLOADS INCOMPLETE folder ranging in size from 145-800MB each file. About 60% of my drive is

used by these kinds of files. Even after running the Defragger my c drive remains very fragmented. The results below are

proof of that.

Volume Local Disk (C:)
Volume size = 76.33 GB
Cluster size = 4 KB
Used space = 58.78 GB
Free space = 17.55 GB
Percent free space = 22 %

Volume fragmentation
Total fragmentation = 44 %
File fragmentation = 85 %
Free space fragmentation = 3 %

File fragmentation
Total files = 54,652
Average file size = 2 MB
Total fragmented files = 3,372
Total excess fragments = 758,115
Average fragments per file = 14.87

Pagefile fragmentation
Pagefile size = 774 MB
Total fragments = 37,651

note: i use pagedefag

Folder fragmentation
Total folders = 4,489
Fragmented folders = 1
Excess folder fragments = 32

Master File Table (MFT) fragmentation
Total MFT size = 88 MB
MFT record count = 65,897
Percent MFT in use = 73 %
Total MFT fragments = 2

MOving on,


any idea why my always connected dsl connection is having SLOW periods (lasting several hours) and then returning to normal

broadband speeds (that last several hours) only to once again drop to SLOW periods. This affects SURFING speed and causes

enourmous lag, both in firefox 1 and ie6. DL/UL speeds seem unaffected and are peaking, which is good. Restarting the

browsers/modem has no affect and the slow and normal periods occur at random each lasting no longer than a few hours or even

minutes. sometimes they come & go. Remember my computer is super clean from any crap and has been rebooted, scanned,

defraged and all that. I cant explain it any better, sorry.

i dont use a router
i use microfilters on all other phone jacks
and i recently upgraded to firefox 1.1 (no change)

if you like to see any of the following details about my internet software connection, let me know and i will post it
1) firefox user.js preference settings
2) firefox extentions list (i have 25 ext with my FF)
3) TCP/IP settings
4) Cablenut settings


any idea why when i use the windoes explorer search function, i recieve multiple random slow periods? sometimes it takes a

couple seconds to search a folder (which is good), other times it takes upto 30 seconds to search the same folder the very

next day. once again its random. another wierd bug i discovered in the Find files & folders search function of explorer.exe

(Ctrl +F) is the Windows button flicker (namely the Start and Stop search buttons, they steal each others focus. I lose

focus constantly. I.e. I highlight 10 search results for deletion, 1 second after the highlight, windows steals my focus

and all 10 lose thier highlight. I have to out time windows to maintain hold of my highlighted files. My colums mess up

too. NOTE: all these bugs are random, minor but hinder at the productivity of a good search. They must be destroyed.


Im looking for an accuarate explanation as to why my system might have a brief slow down. Sometimes the cpu jumps or the page

file goes over 1GB, and killing a program doesnt have much affect. It's random...Only a few months ago, my page file would be

out of wack if it even went over 500MB. Now its trippling that no problem.

If you're looking for my system details, please scroll to the bottom


in Task Manager, under Networks, why is my Network utilization percentage always hovering around 0.5-2%. What is the other

99% up to?


is there a service/program on the net that i can download and set up that will allow me to have a sort of ONLINE VOICEMAIL or

answering machine? This would be in conjuction with my CELLPHONE (based with MICROCELL (FIDO) company in Canada). The reason

i dont just use regular VOICEMAIL from the cell phone company is because i dont want to, id rather have a similar set up with

an E-voicemail. Heard of such a service? or Free call forwarding. Like if i dont pick up my phone, instead of the cell phone

company recording coming on, can the WEb interlink with my cell number and take a message which i can listen to on my pc?

This needs to work for a Canadian number (area code 604) and should not charge people to call it (long distance, etc..)

ive tried Evoice (they charge people to call me)
Pagoo (they dont operate in Canada)

Ive also read about online answering machines? how do those work? can they be applied to a cell phone number in Western

Canada? Is it just for landlines?


i need a page translation program for Firefox 1.0. I cant find it among the many extenstions. The one i do have is called

TRANSLATE ALL it does is advertise a translation site. Its a joke. For IE i had a good service but i need some help

tracking a Firefox page translation plugin.


Windows XP PRO SP1
ACPI Multiprocessor PC
Motherboard - Intel D865GBF
Intel dual P4 2.8Ghz MMX processor (w/ hyperthreading)
Bus clock 200Mhz
System Bus speed - 800Mhz
System Memory speed - 400Mhz

512 RAM (496 physical)
~ aka 2 DIMM @ 256 each
L1 cache - 8kb
L2 cache - 512kb

Intel 82865G Graphics Controller
OEC 15.7" PnP Monitor


75GB Maxtor 6Y080L0 Primary HDD - uncached speed ~ 30MB/s - 4kb cluster size
15GB Maxtor 9153IU3 Secondary HDD - uncached speed ` 15Mb/s - 4kb cluster size (2 MFT crashes to date) *THIS HDD IS NO LONGER

IN USE, ITS CRASHED 3 TIMES, i gave up on it.*
Both are S.M.A.R.T enabled


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Re: hi & help (several q) ( 12:52:35 SatFeb 26 2005 )

Hi persianpower.Your post is here
Please don't double post.Thanks:tongue:


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