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Missing Posts/Global Ignore ( 03:53:45 FriNov 7 2003 )

Many times, missing posts are the result of a member accidentally putting another member on their Ignore list.

A test for this is to determine if the missing posts are limited to one member. If you can see Abby's, Ben's, Donna's and Eddie's posts but all of a sudden can't see Charlie's, you may have accidentally Ignored poor Charlie.

This is a common occurrence for people who use their mouse wheel for scrolling. Scrolling over the Interact select box in a post can cause you to accidentally activate the "Global Ignore" feature. Normally a confirmation screen would appear and let you stop the process. However, this feature is currently experiencing a bug that results in the confirmation step being skipped.

To clear the Global Ignore, go to UserCP and select Ignore List. Click the Un-Ignore button next to the member's name whose posts you want to make visible again.

NOTE: Doing this from the Support board is the fastest way to clear the Global Ignore, as it is located on the same server as your user info. If you clear it from another board there will be a delay of 10-15 minutes while the request migrates from the other server to this server.


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