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Please understand this is a WORKING artistic community. Be SURE you wish to post here before you do so. I understand that problems may arise between members both here and at other boards. We ask you leave them at those other boards or in PMs. When you post works here it is a courtesy to let them remain posted. Please PM an Administrator to have your works removed in whole or in part. Should you decide to come through and delete all your works leaving the forum cluttered with empty threads and meaningless comments due to the loss of the original works, any future works you may post will be removed. This is a courtesy to those who take their poetry, lyrics and short stories seriously. I do not wish to remove the memberís ability to alter posts and I do not wish to have to password this section again. So please consider carefully before simply destroying works you've posted. If you do you will not be allowed back to this forum unless a majority of our Admins decide to let you post again. If you post beforehand your works will be deleted, as it will be assumed that you will in time delete them again anyway.

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02:59:09 Sun Jul 3 2005
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15:07:22 Thu Nov 27 2008
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20:15:26 Mon Jul 4 2005
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01:27:42 Tue Sep 27 2011
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20:04:25 Mon Jul 4 2005
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10:59:21 Thu Nov 24 2011
  what i am to you Started By 11thghost
14:33:06 Thu Nov 27 2008
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01:43:38 Tue Sep 27 2011
  A nice lil' poem Started By kikithelefthandedband
07:22:53 Thu Nov 3 2005
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01:38:09 Tue Sep 27 2011
  Ok, a new drunken thread Started By Tungsten_Carbide
10:35:56 Sun Apr 15 2007
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01:33:07 Tue Sep 27 2011
  let my home be my gallows Started By 11thghost
14:48:55 Thu Nov 27 2008
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14:48:55 Thu Nov 27 2008
  Whispers Unraveled Started By destinare
03:43:59 Fri Jul 8 2005
4 replies 216 Last Post By destinare at
17:21:25 Wed Nov 16 2005

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