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A BIG THANK YOU to chickenlips willie!!!!!!! ( 00:39:42 MonJun 2 2014 )

I would like to give Jim Yerby (chickenlips wille) a BIG FAT THANKS! For the last eights years Jim has been running the Legal Fund Raising Auctions for the club. This has been one of cornerstones of the funding sources for the New 49er Legal Defense Fund. He has been doing an outstanding job keeping the fund in auctions and prizes all this time.

For those that are not familiar with this there is a special section in the forums... it's right at the top and can be found here . This is were folks like you get to bid and win various auctions with 100% of the funds raised going to the legal fund. This is an auction format were the highest bidder wins the item up for auction. These are run in conjunction with the raffles like the current one ending July 5th (you do have tickets for this right?)

Jim took over the fund from 49ermike back when and has done an amazing service for all of us since. Now it's time for him to pass on the torch on and am I honored to say that I have been asked to carry on Jim's work. Look for the auctions to start soon (hopefully tonight) I have a really nice display rack that I am salting with a nice chunky piece of gold!

I look forward to trying to follow in Jim's footsteps. With all of the court cases having lots of progress this month I know the Legal Fund can use some help so please be sure to get your tickets for the July 5th drawing and be sure to look at the auctions as they come up. In the auctions coming soon there will be some really nice gold, silver rounds and coins, semi precious stones and other nice items. If you have any items that you think will work for the fund contact me through the forums- I'm here almost everyday at least once. If you have any questions on the auctions please contact me.

Again, Jim thanks for everything you have done..... miners helping's folks like Jim that make this true and not just words.

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Re: A BIG THANK YOU to chickenlips willie!!!!!!! ( 07:10:41 MonJun 2 2014 )

A big heart-felt thank you from me, also, Jim.

You more than met all my expectations since you agreed to take on the fund-raising program. I know it is a lot of work!

Just maybe we would not still be in the fight if it were not for your substantial contribution.


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    :: :: A BIG THANK YOU to chickenlips willie!!!!!!!
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