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vote no to frogs and toads listing ! ( 13:24:03 FriOct 25 2013 )

Took this from another board as I didn't see it mentioned here.

Click on comment box...or link.!submitComment;D=FWS-R8-ES-2012-0100-0790

I don't have a one-click button for you, but I do have the next best thing. Copy and paste the following commentary, modified if you want, into the comment box.


I DO NOT SUPPORT the USFWS proposal to list as endangered species the Sierra Nevada Yellow-Legged Frog, all populations of Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs that occur north of the Tehachapi Mountains, and the Yosemite Toad.

The science clearly shows the danger to the frogs and toads comes primarily from a virus that kills frogs and toads even in pristine wilderness areas devoid of humans and human activities. So-called "habitat restoration," i.e., the expulsion of people and their recreational and commercial uses of these forests will not restore the frog and toad mutations. The proposed listing will not solve the problem, but will devastate the recreational enjoyment of our public lands, as well as the economic prosperity of the families, communities, and counties that actually live on, work on, and care for these lands.

Real solutions are already being explored by scientific and state actions, and do not require federal intervention. Furthermore, the federal government has not established it has jurisdiction over the proposed designated habitat, which belong to the People of the State of California, and I therefore challenge the federal government's jurisdiction in this matter. Jurisdiction once challenged cannot be assumed, it must be proven.

NO THANKS to the USFWS for entering into secret settlement agreements with the Center For Biological Diversity and pursing a course of action that is so destructive to all concerned, including the frogs and toads.

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Re: vote no to frogs and toads listing ! ( 17:29:57 FriOct 25 2013 )

Thanks for the posting, just did two 'NO support' emails from me and wife. We vote 'no' to all the Center for Biological Diversity lawsuits...they are in it just for the money, they appear to lie everytime they open their mouths while stealing our tax dollars. There is no moral center here, just follow the money!

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Re: vote no to frogs and toads listing ! ( 02:43:08 TueOct 29 2013 )

What makes you think that it's all about the money?

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Re: vote no to frogs and toads listing ! ( 15:02:20 TueOct 29 2013 )

"DOJ Documents Confirm Center for Biological Diversity Received Millions in Taxpayer Funds from ESA-Related Lawsuits"

"According to this document from the DOJ containing 276 pages of case information, the Center for Biological Diversity was involved in over 50 individual cases, open between 2009 and 2012, where they were the lead plaintiff. The amount of attorney fees and court costs associated with these cases is $2,286,686.91. Of this amount, $138,114.45 was in court costs and $2,148,572.46 was in attorney fees."

Now let me figure this money question.
CBD lawyers received from us taxpayers over $2 million.
How many frogs were defended by them?
The frogs are endangered and low in population.
OK, we have more lawyers than frogs. Agreed?
What did we pay lawyers to do?
Croak like frogs.

Yeah, the frogs sound a lot better than the CBD lawyers.
Frogs work for free, and they never lie.:devil:


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