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Gold nugget winners ( 01:30:44 SatNov 9 2013 )

This drawing was for three ounces of mostly nugget gold which Rich Krimm and I mined together along the bottom of the Klamath River during the 2013 season. The drawing took place just before closing time in our offices in Happy Camp on 8 November. Because she had no personal interest in the outcome, we asked Connie Rasmussen from the gift store next door to draw the tickets. In addition to our staff, eight people were present for the drawing. One of them turned out to be a prize winner. Here are the winners:

One ounce of gold: Guy Congdon

Quarter-ounce of gold: Michael Crihfield, Steve Sharp, Scott Atkison & James Barbour

One pennyweight of gold: Jeff Hight, Frederrick Sanders, Donald Flickinger, Jason Andrews, Michael O'Connell, Mark Bottcher, Ronald Sawyer, David Hook, James Rogan, Bernard O'connell, Bill Wright, Sandy Drake, Jayson Nelson, Les Martin, John Evans, Robert Sonnenburg, Larry Reiter, Gene F Oliver, Gerard Welch & Scott Atkison.

I want to give a heart-felt thank you to everyone who participated in this fund-raiser. I was really biting my nails, because there did not seem to be very much interest up until the last several days. The girls in the office say the volume of contributions streaming in over the phone and Internet during the last few days required them to bring in two extra office helpers to process everything in time for the drawing! On the larger scheme of things, we can count this fund-raiser as another big winner for small-scale miners.

There are images and video taken at the drawing that will go in the newsletter.

Congratulations to all the winners! Those beautiful nuggets of gold are yours, now. I hope you appreciate them as much as Rich and I did as we recovered them off the bottom of the Klamath River.

Any contributions received after the time of the drawing will automatically generate tickets for our next prize drawing, which will be for 15 American Gold Eagles (3 ounces of gold) and 10 American Silver Eagles (10 ounces of silver). Our next drawing will take place at our offices in Happy Camp on Friday afternoon, 28 February 2014.

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Re: Gold nugget winners ( 03:32:36 SatNov 9 2013 )

Yippie, the O'Connell brothers did good. Thanks Dave,


Joe's Cabin Rental
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Re: Gold nugget winners ( 03:41:40 SatNov 9 2013 )

The Video [316 clicks]

Of the drawing

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Re: Gold nugget winners ( 17:36:27 SatNov 9 2013 )

A big congratulations to all the winners of the 3 ounces of Klamath River Gold! :thankyou: To all that donated to a great cause...fighting the anti-mining concerns! :doublethumbsup:


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