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JAMES BUCHAL FOR CONGRESS ( 19:59:07 SunJan 12 2014 )

James Buchal, currently representing Brandon Rhinehart in his dredging case in Kalifornia, is running for Congress against the traitor Earl Blumenaur here in Oregon. I bring this to your attention because we need people Like Mr. Buchal to help us maintain our gOd-given constitutionally protected ( for now) rights. I have been trying to promote Mr. Buchal's campaign by asking everyone to send 5 dollars to their mining, hunting, fishing, off-road, bridge and knitting clubs to be passed along to his campaign in the name of the members of said clubs... Not only would this help get him elected but it would also be a strong show of support, not only for Mr. Buchal but for our rights as well. Politicians tend to support those who support them and we have a chance of getting the eco-terrorists backed-off if we support people who have shown interest in our cause(s) and are already familiar with whats happening to the American way of life. If he had a lot of support from non-Oregon residents it could wake- up other politicians and make them take notice too...
I encourage everyone here to participate by sending 5 dollars to one or more of their clubs and asking the members to contribute AND encourage their friends and family to do so also. It's time to stand up for ourselves and fight back against the eco-terrorist's and those they have manipulated to attack us! You can start by checking out Mr. Buchals website here.

I'm reminded of the famous saying (paraphrased) "Then they came for me— and there was no one left to speak out for me.”. - Martin Niemoller
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Re: JAMES BUCHAL FOR CONGRESS ( 18:03:36 TueJan 14 2014 )

On one hand, I hate to read that Mr. Buchal is considering running for congress because he is one hell of a good lawyer that is PRO MINING. But, on the other hand, he could do a lot of good in congress by supporting miners from the "inside" so to speak. Either way, he will do well as his dedication and work ethics are unquestionable IMHO. :doublethumbsup:


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