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Coming to a head! ( 15:43:38 TueNov 26 2013 )

Be aware; step by step, it's all coming to a head! Watch the top video.

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Re: Coming to a head! ( 16:20:26 TueNov 26 2013 )

Our ability to communicate timely facts might be our strongest constitutional right.

Quote from the article....

"Local police, however, are effectively federalized during special events, taking orders from federal agencies such as the DHS. The deputies didn’t decide anything.

In fact, when we questioned one of the deputies after the assault, he said that he was just acting on orders from above.

After the attack, an reader e-mailed a local Dallas news station to ask why there was hardly any coverage on it.

The news spokesperson completely spun the story, suggesting that the police are “allowed” to keep people out of a “restricted area” and that the protestors were “trying to get into” an event where a ticket was required.

The area was not “restricted.” It was a public street OUTSIDE of a barricaded area.

What’s more, the Dallas Police provided the protestors access to the area where they were attacked. At no time were any barricades breached or removed.

This is a textbook example of government officials and media outlets working hand-in-hand to distort the truth and cover up criminality."


Re: Coming to a head! ( 16:30:24 TueNov 26 2013 )

Hoorah for Alex Jones...True Patriot...Gentleman Our Rights, Freedoms, and Liberties are not only under attack...their being pushed, punched, and trampled on...just like thos Red Blooded American Citizens were in that video

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Re: Coming to a head! ( 19:37:19 TueNov 26 2013 )

Just the very tip of the iceberg Dave.........This countries present administration is running out of time so the timetable for making sheeple out of the populace is being stepped up. :duck:

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Re: Coming to a head! ( 01:37:01 MonDec 2 2013 )

Well it sure looks like things are coming to a head all right. There are a lot of angry people out there. This nation can't stand another 3 years of lunacy:
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