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This guy is our friend! ( 01:48:51 TueMar 16 2010 )

This press release is a bit dated, but I thought you guys might like to read what a real conservative has to say about how we should be running California's business:

State Senator Sam Aanestad
January 7, 2010

It’s a nice house. But is anyone really home?

I must admit that I liked what I heard from Governor Schwarzenegger during his final State of the State Address to the State Legislature. It was one of his best speeches. He brought his best stuff this time. He brought emotion. He brought spirit. He looked relaxed. It seems that his priorities are straight.

The Governor’s first and foremost goal is to create – and I quote “jobs, jobs, jobs.” The Governor wants a special job training initiative, a streamlined permitting process for selected construction projects, tax credits for homebuyers and exempting “green technology” products from the state sales tax.

This makes sense to most Senate Republicans. The question is, how do we get there? His priorities are straight. What the Governor told us sounded good. But what really counts this year is what the Governor does, not what he says.

On one hand, the Governor says he wants to create “jobs, jobs, jobs.” That’s good. Yet – on the other hand – he continues to embrace AB 32 which will kill, kill, kill heavy industry in California. AB 32’s pending “climate change” regulations will drive job creators out of state, or worse yet, out of business. Those are actions that I find troubling.

Global warming alarmists who run our state would have you believe that fabled “green jobs” will replace all the jobs lost under AB 32 – jobs that are supposedly higher paying and more politically acceptable. But it’s not the role of government to pick one industry to survive over the misfortune of another.

So – on one hand – I hear the Governor’s words of “jobs, jobs, jobs.” But – at the same time – I see his signature on a measure that wiped out the Suction Dredge Mining industry in California, costing hundreds of needed jobs in my Northern California District.

I hear the words “jobs, jobs, jobs,” but I also see people appointed to water and air quality control boards whose regulatory fervor drive businesses, like Gregg Industries in El Monte, into bankruptcy.

This isn’t the way to bring business innovation and jobs back to California, and that troubles me.

We need bold and spirited job creation policies that will put Californians back to work and back on the road to economic recovery. We need to extend an olive branch of business friendly policies to both the largest and smallest employers in California. Instead of forcing businesses out of California – Sacramento needs to adopt policies that welcome job creators to the Golden State with open arms. Short and sweet: we need more than just words.

How do we accomplish this?

First – we must realize that what we do and say here in Sacramento has profound implications on our state’s economy.

We need to repeal measures like AB 32 that threaten to derail the Golden State’s economy. The Governor needs to stop signing measures like SB 670, which represented a $60 million sucker-punch to my Northern California counties that are dependent on the suction dredge mining industry. We need to put a chokehold on the environmental zealots who drive businesses into insolvency.

The people of California aren’t looking for a handout. They want government to get out of the way of free market recovery and stop placing additional burdens on them. They want a safe and financially secure California for their families – not another tax hike or another hit on their wallets.

Our budget problems in California are deeply rooted and will not respond to quick fixes such as borrowing or new taxes. Instead – we must stick to a time-tested and proven plan for economic recovery. The first concern is balancing the budget. The State Legislature must stop spending more money that it has.

The next step is to preserve the $1.7 billion in business tax deductions approved in last year’s budget agreement. These business-friendly policies will begin to pay off through new investments in a recovering economy. Those new investments will equal new jobs – and with new jobs – comes recovery.

I want to give this Governor the benefit of the doubt. There’s no doubt that he’s done some good things on behalf of California families. But there’s also no doubt that our state is looking for leadership that embraces freedom and economic liberty.

I’m willing to wait a bit before passing judgment at this point. The Governor’s budget proposals will be revealed on Friday. By then we’ll know if the Governor is on the right track, or if it’s going to be another long summer in Sacramento.

Senator Sam Aanestad represents the 4th Senate District that covers 12 Northern California counties. He is also a candidate for Lt. Governor.

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Re: This guy is our friend! ( 21:00:12 TueMar 16 2010 )

Dave, last year I attended one of the meetings in Yreka. One of Aanestad's associates was also attending. After the meeting I went up to her to thank her and the Senator for their support. She told me in no uncertain terms that she was against dredging. Sounds like a fox in the henhouse. She was going to explain to me the hazzards and destruction that us dredgers do to the envirnment, but we did not get together after the meeting.


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