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Drawing winners! ( 03:27:30 SatNov 10 2012 )

The drawing for 3 ounces of my gold nuggets took place at around closing time today (9 November) in our offices in Happy Camp. The person who drew the tickets was from the gift store next door and had no personal interest in the outcome. At least 6 members made the trip to Happy Camp to be present for the drawing. I'll include some images in the November newsletter.

Here are the winners:

1 ounce of gold nuggets: Judy Shirey

Quarter-ounce of gold nuggets:

Michael Wong
Kenneth Vieu
Patrick Hanley
Dennis Scharosch

1 Pennyweight of gold nuggets:

Bradley Hughes
Scott Gainey
John Otto
Steve Gottwald
Bill Frese
Gary J Zentner
Robert Eastman
Keith F McRobert
Robert F Carter
John R Smith
Jan Nelson
Bruce Greenan
Mark Cutler
Clifford Wiggins
Gerald R Fawcett
Nate Crawford
Les Martin
Gene Oliver
Tom Stull
John Laffey

Any contributions received after the time of the drawing this evening will automatically generate tickets for our next prize drawing, which I believe will be for 25 Gold Eagles.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this fund-raiser. There did not seem to be very much interest up until several days ago. I was really getting worried. Perhaps everyone was focused on the election. I certainly had a lot of attention on it. The girls in the office said the phone started ringing off the hook with supporters calling in contributions as soon as the election results were announced! So we can count this fund-raiser as a winner for everyone.

Congratulations to all the winners. Those beautiful nuggets of gold are yours now. I hope you appreciate them as much as I did. I feel very fortunate that they have been invested into such a worthy cause.

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Re: Drawing winners! ( 05:50:43 SatNov 10 2012 )

Congratulations to the winners!:doublethumbsup:

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Re: Drawing winners! ( 15:59:18 SatNov 10 2012 )


Thank you Dave! Congratulations everyone!

Maybe next time...
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Re: Drawing winners! ( 16:14:08 SatNov 10 2012 )

Hey when the courts rule in our favor and we're back in the water we are all winners then


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Re: Drawing winners! ( 16:44:35 SatNov 10 2012 )

Steve, I agree, I hope it happens soon before I get so old that I can't do it anymore !

This court system is slow !

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Re: Drawing winners! ( 19:47:59 SatNov 10 2012 )

I would like to thank Dave McCracken and the new 49ers for the ounce of gold nuggets. I'm very excited about winning the gold nuggets and am looking forward to receiving them.

Judy Shirey

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Re: Drawing winners! ( 01:57:28 MonNov 12 2012 )

You are welcome, Judy! Thanks very much for your support, and the same to everyone else!

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Re: Drawing winners! ( 19:20:45 MonNov 19 2012 )

Congtats Judy. Easier than the Rogue, yes. You and Gerald are deserving winners as you have given much to the New 49ers in time, effort, and $$$.


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