Ball Chuckers
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15:18:58 Thu
Feb 16 2006
Ball Chuckers
Does anyone else use one of these ball chuckers?? They are a recent toy for us as we couldn't find one in the shops around here for ages, and finally my Dad got us one just before Christmas. They are a godsend to woosy folk like me who have a rubbish throw!!!

Anyway, Sasha absolutely loves hers and boy does it make a difference to the amount of exercise she can get in a short space of time! Normally if we go to the woods she runs around with tree trunks in her mouth, so balls are no good, but if I take her somewhere where we can get a good throw, she is in absolute heaven!!

Main thing we have learnt though is to take two tennis balls!!! She never gives the ball up, so the first few times we ended up chasing her around to get the ball back!! Now we take two and she favours one all the time, but still chases for the other one - just goes to prove how thick they can be! When she catches up with the second ball, she spends ages trying to get them both in her mouth before giving in and waiting with it for me to throw it again!

At least it means I can take her out for a good 10 min chuck around while hubby is away and leave the long haul walks until the weekend!:bolt:

00:59:31 Fri
Feb 17 2006
Re: Ball Chuckers
Ive seen them Karen and heard other folk say they are great. The others we use are balls on rope. You can get a good throw with them too. Twirl them over your head a couple of times and let fly. The girls had a favourite pink one - last year my nephew got loose with it [you know what they are like at 10!] and threw it up rather than out and it caught in the top branches of one of the apples trees and is still there!!

Ropsie has a tree trunk at the top of the garden and it gives her imense fun barking and carrying it around. Katie runs round her with the ball in her mouth!!

You will have to take photos!!


Ball Chuckers
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