Valentine's Stuff
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20:15:52 Tue
Feb 14 2006
Valentine's Stuff
Did everyone have a good Valentine's Day?

Hubby managed to surprise me, despite being thousands of miles away! He got a message on our local radio station for me - gave Natalie a real shock to hear her parents names on the radio on her way to school!!!

Did anyone else get any nice surprises?:loveya:

16:57:22 Wed
Feb 15 2006
Re: Valentine's Stuff
Aaahhhh that is so sweet.

We didn't do much for valentines day as it is our wedding anniversary today (3 years) and we are going out for a meal tonight. We exchanged cards & presents but we always make our anniversary that bit more special.

I tried getting him to take me out for a meal yesterday and today but he wasn't having it.

Our favourite food is Greek (hence all our holidays in Greece) however it seems every time we find a good Greek restaurant they close down shortly after???? We have now run out of local Greek restaurants so we are going for Turkish tonight. I am told they are quite similiar so hopefully it should be nice and if so hopefully they won't close down so we can go back!!

Valentine's Stuff
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