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05:13:37 Fri
Jan 5 2007

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Toenail trims for all!!!

Daisy my chi,needed vacc and a toenail trim.Got that done yesterday.So,today I made several trips back and forth with my other dogkids and all went pretty well.
Quint wags and kisses the vet.He does need his teeth brushed though.Maybe if I get flavored toothpaste for dogs,he'll let me.
Molly was a proper lady,of course.
Bud was a crazyman!!!!My wonderful vet was able to trim them anyway.I started sweating from all the wrestling.Had to take off my coat.I have to hold Bud almost upside down!
Chloe MUST be carried into the building and then I carry her into a room.She associated that place with vacc.Hives and itching,so I can't blame her!!!
They all got a look-over and all is well!!!!I feel tired,but ALOT better knowing they all look great!!!!

09:14:09 Fri
Jan 5 2007

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Re: Toenail trims for all!!!

Good lord what a busy vet visit!!!! :thud:

I have both Sasha and Tizzy to the vets this afternoon - its the first time they have gone at the same time and I am dreading it!!! Luckily my vets are fully aware that Sasha is a lunatic and MUST kiss everyone there whether they are standing, sitting or otherwise!

Always feels good when they all get the once over and all clear Sandy :banana:


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02:00:24 Sat
Jan 6 2007

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Re: Toenail trims for all!!!

How'd the visit go Karen?


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