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22:44:37 Thu
Jun 23 2005

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Latest in sick cruelty

Please forgive me for posting this site but I felt physically sick after an accquaintance sent me a petition asking for animal lovers to sign to stop this sick sadistic practise. I cannot believe it actually goes on in this day and age. Will they start on puppies next......

If anyone would like me to "paste" the petition on the forum to sign and pass on - please let me know and I will do so but I didnt want to do it unless everyone was in agreement.

Please think of these baby animals - we need 1000 signatures.


07:13:13 Fri
Jun 24 2005

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Re: Latest in sick cruelty

You know, I can't figure out if the whole site is a very sick joke or whether it is true or not?

Maybe I am naive to think that people wouldn't go that far and, reading their "mail box" I find it hard to believe that people are actually serious when they ask if they can do this to bears or horses and do they have anything to shrink an adult cat that is getting in their way?

Hmmmm really not sure - I know there are some very very sick people in the world, but to go this far??? I would hope not!!

If it is for real then these people really do need help or permanent incaceration! How could we stop it if it is happening in another country? Sounds somewhere foreign? But your'e right Helen, it needs stopping if it is happening!!


Karen's Email
14:55:00 Fri
Jun 24 2005


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Re: Latest in sick cruelty

This had been pointed out to me a couple of years ago. I think it is a joke although rather sick at that. It wouldn't surprise me if someone had indeed followed the instructions. Poor poor we kittys!!!!


22:51:55 Fri
Jun 24 2005

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Re: Latest in sick cruelty

If anyone is interested in signing the partition -

Subject: Please sign this petition

Hallo all if you are interested in signing this, you have to manually copy everything underneath this, then open a new email, paste in in and add your name. Then forward it to as many people as you think will sign this. Thanks. Barbara


A site that we were able

to shut last year has returned. We are trying to shut it down again! A Japanese man in New York breeds and sells kittens that are called BONSAI CATS. That would sound cute, if it wasn't kittens, days old, that were squeezed into tiny bottles after being given a tranquiliser and then stay there, for the rest of their lives, so that they can be put on a mantlepeice and be poked and laughed at. The cats are fed through a straw and their faces struggle to reach up the neck of the bottle where there is a tiny airhole. They are treated like dirt. The skeleton of the kitten will take on the form of the bottle as the kitten grows. The cats never get the opportunity to move apart from the first few days they are alive with their mother. These 'ornaments' are sold cheaply and used as souvenirs. They are the latest trends in New York, China, Indonesia and New Zealand. If your still not convinced PLEASE LOOK ON

Please help to stop this sickness. Spare a thought for them today. This petition needs 1000 names, so please put your one name on it!!! Copy the text into a new email and put your name on the bottom, then send it to everyone you know. If there are 1000 names on the list, please send it to <> NOW!

NOTE- Copy this e-mail, paste it into a new one -

DON'T forward it.

Add your name, and send it to everyone you


1 Lise-Lotte Nelson

2 Ana Cheek Mexico, F..

3 Manila! Allure Mexico D. F. ..

4 Albert Hurter Mexico D. F.

5 Manuel Guttered Mexico DFC

6 Marco Zapata Madrid 1

7 Teresa Mortua Mexico D. F. .

8 Ximena Goyenechea Mexico D. F.

9 Marisa Laura Mexico D. F. .

10 Marina Arencibia Venezuela

11 Ana Maria Caravel Venezuela

12 Edgar dangle Venezuela

13 Claudia Marquise Venezuela

14 Derek Ludic Venezuela

15 Rudolf, Placenta Venezuela

16 Marble Chacers Venezuela

17 Maria Christina Chacers Venezuela

18 Anna C. Castor Venezuela

19 Victoria Sanchez,Venezuela

20 Maria Edith Valdeavellano, Chile

21 Patria Valdeavellano, Chile

22 Renaldo Lopez,Venezuela

23 Paula Aedo,Chile

24 Constant Carrasco, Chile.

25 Cecilia Noton,Chile

26 Carl Edward Brines Bolbaran,Chile

27 Ximena Alexandra Brines Bolbaran,Chile

28 Pamela Andrea Or Alarcon, Chile

29 Gabriela Beatrice Christina Guajardo, Chile

30 Magellan Amenabar Iniguez Chile

31 India Sledded Kleinhempel Validates, Chile

32 Monica Merisel Moron Muga,Chile

33 Pillar Rebelled, Chile

34 Andrea Villagra,Chile

35 Claudia Jeer, Chile

36 Era Muga,Chile

37 Jacqueline Mateluna,Chile

38 Beatrice Corvette, Chile

39 Cairn Suntan, Chile

40 Angelica Bandana, Chile

41 Isabel Olivares,Chile

42 MaxAguilera, Chile

43 Mara Joss, Moline, Chile

44 Alexandra Fuentealba,Chile

45 Tamara Huanquel, Chile.

46 Pauline Garc,s,Chile

47 Live Class, Bonheiden, Belgium

48 Brigit Nib, Beg um ******

49 Serge Antoine, Chile

50 Maria Jose color=#000099>, Qld


81. Kim Abeleven Qld, Australia

82. Frances Gracia, QLD Australia

83. Sarah. Thats GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

84. Louise England. Qld Australia. Sign this it's

not right

85. Chloe Koutsoukis, QLD Australia. MAN I NEARLY


86. Sophie C. QLD, Australia

87. Rebecca Hill, QLD Sign this evry its so sick wot

they do to those kittens!!!

88. Jaime Smith, QLD,

Australia. Those sick B*st*rds how can they do that!!!

89. Alysse Palmer, QLD, Australia. u people r sick!

90. Keelan Gilmour, QLD, Australia. get as many

******* ppl as u can

91. Brooke Horbury, QLD Australia. awwww!!!! poor

kitties!!!! : (

92.l Edee Rowlands, QLD Australia. omg thats so


93. L!nda, QLD Australia. ....this is so wrong

94. Paka, QLD Australia

95. Dana, Australia

96. Lisa, QLD Australia

97. Mikky, Brissy, QLD Australia... that is


98. Amber Godfrey.........How mean

99.Hannah Wasser , Australia

100.Ella tooms QLD ......... this makes me sick!!!!!

101.Chloe Jordan QLD

102.Frances Combe QLD........... thats sick

103.Fiona Cameron "

104.Graham Tooms "

105.Bec Newman QLD..................lets bring this

sick man DOWN!

106.Carole Bennett QLD......IF U DONT SIGN THIS UR AS

SICK AS THE DUDE WHO DOSE IT!!!!!!!!! think of the


107. Heather Manning

108 Minh-Chau, Australia

109. Simona .S. Australia.

110. Tameka Australia

111. Ryan Australia 112. Megan .T. Australia

113. Joanna.S. Australia

114. tasha h. land of oz:P- this is sick but even if

we shut it down wont it jsut re open again???

115. Andrew .D. Australia.....thats just sick :sad:

116. roryt of QLD Australalia this is sick and wrong

id liek to put that creep who does it in a bottle of

his own....

117. rachael QLD Aussie - not good not good how would

we like to be traped in a glass box HUH? we wouldn't

like it and neither do they

sign so this petition plz plz plz save the


118. mai QLD australia THAT IS SO SAD AND SICK!!!

how could ne 1 do something so sad :sad: thats gross poor

kitties! sick person...............y cant that creep

put himself in a bottle

119. Clarey qld Australia Thats so mean how can they

do that!!!!! Not happy!!!!!!!

120. Elli QLD aus. ah that is so sick

121. Kristy QLD Aussie dont touch my cat!!!!!!!

122. emily garrod

123. laura garrod

124. natalie frahm Qld

125. kim scupham ... this is animal torture...

126. Danielle Jobson Qld Aus. Sure like to see how hed

feel in a bottle and being fed through a straw!

127. Vi UAE/UK

128. Tabitha Thomas!!! Milton Keynes, England

129.Hannah Bird!!!!milton keynes,england. sign it for the cats if you don't then u are just evil and you must have sumin rong with you!!! 130. Corina Jackson!! Leics, England 131. Louise Fletcher leics, england 132. Meg Ainsworth leics, England 133. Charlotte Roberts, Leic, England.....I hope that the ******* b*****ds that came up with the idea of that die a painful painful PAINFUL death then rot in hell.....that's made me feel physically sick 134. Meg Stanley, Leics, England! I hope u pple die if u buy 1! 135. ben slattery leics sick sick ****** ******* 136. Jake Southall Leicester England... rot in hell you ******* sick bunch of ******* twats 137. Alice S Leicester 138. Grace B leicester - that is sooooooo evil! argh!!!! 139. Sarah M Leicester - WEIRDOS!!!!! who would think of an idea like that??? hope all the people ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!! 140. Hynde.f.Ritchie Get a life u horrible weridos 141. Joe A Baldwin "that is just sick and wrong, and the guys running it are retards" 142. Malcolm P Harris. No comment. 143. Sophia T Gainsburgh - what kind of sick **** does this!!?? 144. Jack Alexandroff - England -something needs to be dun 145. Ruth Dixon - Somerset - Just put your name down...can't do any harm! 146. Teng Chiat Khoo - somerset - Put your name...its bonzai trees NOT


147 Annie Hoyle - England

148. Liv Cheetham- it is just sick!

149. Matt Langdon - England

150.Lauren Beardsley-****** up

151. Morgan Brazington-England- This is so ****** up, the pieces of ****

that thought up this idea can rot in hell!!!

152. catherine hamer this is sum ***** up **** - England 153.sarah hamer-sik-england 154.joanna hamer-england ***** sick! Who eva thought of the idea deserves to

die a very painful and slow death!

155.kerry rush-sickening-England

156.martin little-crewl-england

157.jason hamer-england

158.kerry ash-england

159.kath rush-england

160.pete rush-england

161.lyn hamer-england

162.sid hamer-england

163.josh hamer-england

164.jade hamer-gross-england

165. hannah stephens-england

166. Gwennie Evans, Weston, England - How could anybody be so cruel?!?!?!

This made me cry :'( If you don't sign this petition then you're


177. Conrad Howe, N.Ireland. Nobody got any morals anymore. Totally

cruel!!!!! This needs to be stopped.

178. John Rodgers, Northern Ireland. I don't know what I'd do if i got my

hands on someone who abuses animals. Remember anyone capable of abusing

animals is capable of abusing people. STOP THIS NOW!!!!!!

179. Northern Ireland. This is the sickest thing I have seen ever I think. Only hell awaits these disturbed people.

180. Julie Adair, Carrickfergus, N Ireland

181 Sandra Mason, Larne, N Ireland

182 Dave Mason, Larne, N Ireland

183 Paul Mason, Belfast, N Ireland

184 Joanne Gault, Larne, N Ireland

185 Graham Gault, Larne, N Ireland

186 Heather Law, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland

187 Barbara Haig, Belfast, Northern Ireland

188 Helen Newman, Newtownards, Northern Ireland

Guest [UnRegist
12:06:41 Sat
Jun 25 2005

Re: Latest in sick cruelty

it is sick and sad that idios will start to do this :sad:


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