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15:51:04 Thu
Dec 22 2005

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Busy Busy Busy

Hey everyone! Been awhile since I have been on! Of course, busy busy as I am sure we all are!
We have got through our small turkey dinner for my stepmother and sisters. We have got through our evening of drinks and food with my mom's side of the family. Now I am getting ready for my big dinner that I have on Christmas Eve for hubby's side of the family. 22 people for dinner this year!!!
We have lots of snow! Its been great and its so pretty with the snow at night and everyone's christmas lights on their houses! I will try to get a good picture at night to share!!
We are going after christmas to get new/used snowmobiles!!! I can't wait! We are getting Courtnie (oldest daughter) her own this year!
Presents are bought and almost finished the wrapping!
Today I went to school with Cejay (other daughter) and made gingerbread houses with the class, that was fun!
Pets are good, people are good! All is good here!



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17:07:40 Thu
Dec 22 2005

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Re: Busy Busy Busy

Good grief Nicki!! Sounds like New Year is going to be spent sleeping at your place!!

Glad to hear the Christmas spirit is alive and well and thriving at your place - hope the rest of the season is as much fun for you all!!

Snow - pah!! Not had a flake here and our weather forecast puts a high pressure over us for Christmas so there is no chance of a white Christmas this year - am gutted!

Merry Christmas to you and yours too.


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20:43:35 Thu
Dec 22 2005

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Re: Busy Busy Busy

Boohoo - mild forecast, we rarely get snow here but last Christmas day it started snowing early morning and left a really nice covering, absolutely magical!


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