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20:15:17 Mon
Oct 17 2011

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wow i miss u guys!!

its been pretty crazy over here!!! im hardly ever on the computer chasing after the kids n housework n all that...Tucker is 8 months old and we are guessing hell be walking by a year. EEK! Lilly is LOVING the freedom. i fact shes bit too comfy, with her big ol floppy face on the couch pillows. and lazy. this is the laziest dog ever! but i do so love her. tucky loves to pull on her lips. she just looks at us like, help. can u please get this rat off of me? lol but she does love the kids! her and liberty are getting along a bit better. theyll cuddle on the couch and lilly is the most non cuddly boxer. she loves to be petted, but when shes asleep shes a hands off kind of girl. i still miss my chilibean! maybe well get another whitey one day. i see them on craigslist all the time n think oh n then tom says no. we did try an american bull dog for a bit but she wouldnt leave my lilly alone and wanted to eat her. no way was i going to make lilly live like that. tom wasnt happy, n bella was a sweet girl but in that instance had to put lilly first! on a good note, ive returned to school. im starting with a associates in organizational management so hoping something pops and says to me THATS what i want to do. ill prob change it to a bachelors later. oh and im pregnant again. and yes i know what causes it :smile: lmao we werent thrilled with the news, but whats 1 more right? lol abby is doing AMAZING! shes peeing on the potty! and pooping. the peeing it self is just amazing because thats another thing we were told shed never do!

20:27:10 Tue
Oct 18 2011

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Re: wow i miss u guys!!

Glad to hear you're all well, though sounds rather chaotic lol, good luck with the studying & with the pregnancy, great news about Abby's progress, it's great when they do something amazing like that against the odds :cheering: I know what you mean about pulling on lips, I have a 6 and a half month old grand-daughter who loves pulling lips as well as ears given half a chance, Polo & Enzo are so good with her, bless 'em, they're so patient with little ones :love:


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22:39:29 Wed
Oct 19 2011

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Re: wow i miss u guys!!

Whew!You sure are busy!Sounds crazy,but fun.Glad your all doing well.


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