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08:06:16 Thu
Jul 20 2006

Wild storm

Last night was the storm of all storms. Aftr all the oppressive hot weather at 2am we had lightning sheets over the sky - eerily silent. About 5-10 mins later thunder rolled over. Was not unduly worried cos we all know it rolls past. This didnt, at 4am we were still getting rolls of thunder lightning and heavy rain.

Kate was beside herself with terror, she was absoltely petrified poor little thing. Rosie gave up trying to comfort her after about ten minutes and with a sigh went back to bed!

Did anyone else get this type of storm last night? It was the type of storm you see in movies that goes on and on. Now its wet but very calm and still oppressively hot.


08:41:49 Thu
Jul 20 2006

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Re: Wild storm

Nope, no storms here. We rarely get them and if we do they are over and one with - I think it's due to our position.

When I lived in Iran, we used to sit and watch the storms that could be up to 50 miles away (the area was very flat) - it was like watching a fireworks show in the distance!

I love the magnificence and power of thunder storms - used to get them in Oxford.

Your poor Katie Helen, is she ok now - how long did it take for her to calm down afterwards??!!


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