Thinking about a heart transplant for your air-cooled Volkswagen? You are in the right place! Post any questions/suggestions/stories you might have, or pictures of your conversion. This site is designed to help anyone thinking about doing a custom engine conversion in the back of your old-school V-dub.

Thanks for Visiting! I started this site to share the experiences I had when converting my 65 Bug to Mazda Rotary Power. Click here to visit my site for more information.

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  General Chat
If you just want to talk...
436 posts in 345 threads Last Post In adaptor plate/kit vw beetle ge...
by mickp at 08:49:33 Mon Nov 10 2014
  Conversion Pictures
Post pictures of any conversion here
433 posts in 112 threads Last Post In 67' Bug w/Subaru 3.3L H6
by awsumdc at 16:19:51 Mon Sep 1 2014
Videos and Sounds
21 posts in 14 threads Last Post In Subaru EA81 1785cc dual exhaus...
by spikedbeetle at 13:17:20 Wed Feb 9 2011
  The Cooling System
Where to put your radiator and stuff...
144 posts in 58 threads Last Post In Routing cooling lines on a 197...
by Helio_69 at 00:14:41 Tue Jul 16 2013
  Transmission Discussion
Since we are all pretty much using the same trannys, talk about them here
178 posts in 91 threads Last Post In transmission swop
by Estasha at 08:18:55 Tue Jul 17 2012
Detailing Suspension modifications when dealing with the weight differences with a new engine and radiator.
36 posts in 10 threads Last Post In Brakes Swap and Prop Valve
by EG33 at 01:28:11 Mon Jun 11 2012
  Rotary into VW
Info on stuffing a WANKLE in the back...
725 posts in 258 threads Last Post In bug to racing beat manifold/ho...
by rotarybuggy at 19:58:42 Sat Jun 14 2014
  Subaru into VW
Warercooled...flat-4...almost a VW!
724 posts in 293 threads Last Post In hydraulic rack and pinion?
by ydeardorff at 16:34:49 Fri Dec 5 2014
  Ford into VW
Good ol' American iron toque monster section.
56 posts in 36 threads Last Post In Where do I buy a Ford 2.8 v6 a...
by mickp at 09:54:44 Mon Nov 10 2014
  Toyota into VW
Power and a VW? Toyota powered discussion here.
41 posts in 11 threads Last Post In 1977 VW Bus Toyota 1.8l Swap?
by prostreetwagon at 01:38:30 Mon Sep 3 2012
  Porsche into VW
For the deep pocket people, putting a genuine Porsche 6 in your ride.
16 posts in 17 threads Last Post In Witch conversion?
by EG33 at 03:14:45 Fri Jun 8 2012
  WCVW into ACVW
Keeping it real! Stuffing a watercooled Vdub motor into your ride.
97 posts in 54 threads Last Post In wiring diagram of ej20turbo
by saske at 04:47:37 Wed Jul 3 2013
  Other Conversions
Have something else in the back of your V-Dub? Or thinking of something different? Post your ideas here.
269 posts in 87 threads Last Post In pictures bus V6 buick & toro a...
by Bdox at 03:19:48 Thu Oct 31 2013
Links to cool stuff only please!
4 posts in 7 threads Last Post In Porsche Suspension and Brake s...
by zenjoe at 16:41:51 Mon Jun 11 2007
  Engine Adapter Links
Where to get your adapter
7 posts in 12 threads Last Post In Subaru transmissions for rear-...
by subarugears at 10:52:00 Tue Nov 8 2011
  For Sale
Anything you want to sell
111 posts in 97 threads Last Post In FS 86 13b and conversion packa...
by lildunebuggy at 02:48:34 Wed Sep 11 2013

16 posts in 53 threads Last Post In subaru adaptor
by mikeeb at 19:32:22 Mon Jul 2 2012

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