Actual cost of Subi swap ??
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18:45:30 Tue
Oct 28 2014
Actual cost of Subi swap ??
Hello all ! New to the group, planning on a 2.2 /2.5 NA into a 70 Ghia. I know the adapter plate is around $450. BUT - what would you say is a reasonable guess at the final cost of this swap. $2000, $5000 ?? More ? Less? Mainly the BIG ticket items, or 'unseen' parts needed. I'm a good fabricator,welder, mechanic, etc. NOT counting the cost of the donor car. Specifics and advice are needed. Thanks all !!

19:49:26 Thu
Oct 30 2014
Re: Actual cost of Subi swap ??
Wow.....not much action here....14 looks, and nobody knows ??

06:16:09 Fri
Dec 5 2014
Re: Actual cost of Subi swap ??
Ok Ill do my best to help.

First of all your question is too broad to actually answer.
Price ranges all over the place depending on what you want.

For starters:
Youll need an engine/ECU/and wiring harness. 800-more than 2500 depending on your tastes.
Youll need a transmission. Going turbo? then get rid of the VW unit! options are subarugears flipped diff for 2K plus the transmission, or you can buy one for 4K. You could go porsche 901, but not cheap, and expensive to repair.
Youll need a motor mount. Subarugears sells them for 500. has some too.
Youll need to fabricate a cooling system, and buy a radiator. Add several hundred there.
Youll need to fabricate and exhaust
Bigger more powerful engines require bigger brakes.
Youll need to adapt a new fuel pump to your tank to feed the new beast.
If using a bug body, youll need to cut, weld, and fabricate several items.

So I dont know if this helps. Start with the big components you need first, then work your way to the little stuff.
all in all, Im into mine for several grand already, and I still have another grand worth of parts to buy before I can even install the engine in place.

Actual cost of Subi swap ??
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