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14:04:05 Fri
Jun 18 2004

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Inportant Question.

Can someone let me know what it takes to install this type of engine. Zenjoe had a list of everything. I want to so this type of swap because it will keep my bug classic. Any help will do. Also, what vehicles use this engine anyway. This is the first time that I heard about any this. Is there a repair manual for sold by chilton's. Thank for any info.

19:12:05 Mon
Jul 26 2004

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Almost Serious

Re: Inportant Question.

what engine are you looking at?
1.8L 8-valve
1.8L 16-valve
1.8L 20-valve turbo
2.0L 8-Valve
VR6 12-valve
VR6 24-valve

You will need an engine, trans adapter, radiator, radiator lines, electric fans, oil cooler, electric fuel pump. You will need to fab up the everything that has to do with the radiator, the exhaust, intake, water lines, engine mount....

Its gunna take a while! But its nott that bad if you are prepared and have a good welder and die grinder!

01:06:44 Tue
Aug 24 2010

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Re: Inportant Question.

what about wireing up a 2.0 i have the stock harness and computer. will this work or what do i need to get it going?


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