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01:19:32 Tue
Sep 20 2016

Wholesale Soccer Jerseys China breathing

As I stand and watch the two boys twist Cheap Jerseys , run and shout across the field I realise that their ages are a mystery to me. They could be 12 or 20 in the open fields, flying a large outdoor remote controlled aeroplane screaming: catch it, catch it.

Apparently, according to an overview of child well being in 40 rich countries carried out by Unicef, our children are struggling, in all senses of the word. The UK was placed at number 21 in the league and the Children s Commissioner for England, Professor Sir Al Aynsley Green, said: We are turning out a generation of young people who are unhappy, unhealthy Wholesale Jerseys China , engaging in risky behaviour, who have poor relationships with their family and their peers, who have low expectations and don t feel safe.

Julie Kenark, 55, mother of Danny, 14, and Stuart, 16, is found in a rare state of quiet reflection up on the hills while her boys chase planes. She explains: I think the survey is spot on. Its so nice to see these two like this but its rare. Before this Wholesale NFL Jerseys , Christmas life with the boys has been impossible, both Danny and Stu complied with the surveys results, but to be honest things have changed!

Danny had just been expelled again and I was dreading having both him and his brother at home. They usually fight like cat and dog or just stare moronically into the TV screen day in day out. I spoke to the councillor at Dans school who recommended I push for more time outdoors. We moved house to a place close to a local recreation ground and my husband and I pushed the boys to spend more time with outdoor toys. We bought them remote control planes, bikes, footballs and these big adult outdoor games this Christmas instead of the usual video games and now the boys are getting on better than ever as a result of it.

A spokes person for the education department at the University of Brighton explains: We can all do our bit. If the policy makers will take the emphasis away from competitive assessments and towards creating an exciting and motivating environment for children to learn in then perhaps our children will feel more excited and motivated to learn and to play. This should help move vulnerable young adults away from socially unacceptable behaviour.

I remember what it was like when I was growing up. Julie smiles, Most of the activities we joined were outdoors. I had ZX80 spectrum with Daley Thompson decathlon game and my favourite toys were aeroplane gliders (the ones made of polystyrene), my bike, footballs, my tennis racket and my first roller skates the clunky ones that you strapped on to your shoe.

Its different now. She continues Wholesale Jerseys , The press is always telling us that the streets are no longer safe for our children, which makes us more protective and less inclined to encourage them to play outdoors. This is making kids feel unsafe and untrusting too. When I was younger being outdoors was what it was all about. These days kids cant even play in the playgrounds without fear of something horrible happening.

But the future is looking brighter with outdoor games seemingly a fashionable alternative to this post video game era. Sales since the recession have increased and as these games dont have a cult sell by date and promote a healthier life style the reasons for their ever growing popularity are obvious.

Alex Wakefield from WoweStores, an online shop that actively promotes outdoor games for both children and adults alike, explains: I believe that, more and more, people will appreciate and turn to outdoor toys and games this year. My sisters family certainly do.

Parents notice how cranky kids get after a whole day spent indoors watching TV or playing a video game and remember how their own childhood was so different. There are more government warnings and TV coverage regarding childrens health than ever before.

According to Mindy Wood, occupational therapist at MedCentral Pediatric Therapy, up till the age of 7 childrens brains are mainly sensory processing machines. They experience sensation and then make motor responses, learning what works and what doesnt which is crucial to later development.

Alex continues What sensation is there in watching TV?

Playing in the garden or a few hours spent in the local park with a remote controlled aeroplane Cheap Jerseys From China , outdoor helicopter, flying a kite or just kicking a football around makes a big positive difference to general health and emotional wellbeing.

Last year I went with a group of friends for a picnic and was really impressed by one particular friend as she had brought along a sports day games set for her two kids, a girl and boy of 10 and 9 years. Everyone got involved and there were a lot of giggles! With all sorts of active games and toys these days, parents wont be scratching their head for ideas and will probably get as much fun out of them as their children!

In 2004 the Chief Medical Officer in England recommended that: Children and young people should achieve a total of at least 60 minutes of at least moderate intensity physical activity each day. At least twice a week this should include activities to improve bone health, muscle strength, and flexibility.

The Department of Health followed shortly, imploring that: We will need to ensure that children in childrens centres through to young people in further and higher education are encouraged to build activity into their daily lives through play.

With this in mind, and summer sneaking up, forget Guitar Hero and Resident Evil for your moody teens this year Cheap NFL Jerseys , and brighten up their lives with summer activities that promote good times as well as good health.
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