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17:57:36 Mon
Oct 6 2003

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What I did with my cooling system

this is directly from my website http://www.geocities.com/zenjoe/vw.html

After that, go to the front of your car and cut the hell out of the spare tire well, this is where you are going to put your radiator. I used an 81/82 Mazda rx-7 radiator, so I know that the radiator is large enough to cool the motor. I have seen lots of other conversions done with the radiator basically every place you could put it, but they all overheated. I drive 120 miles a day, even in 100 degree weather, and my engine has never overheated. So if you are thinking about this style of conversion make sure that you get the biggest radiator that you can fit into the FRONT of your car. In my case, the RXrx-7 radiator worked perfectly. I mounted the radiator backwards in the car. This means that the radiator outlets come out the front of the radiator on the drivers side. I then soldered 90 degree bends on the radiator to make the outlets go towards the side of the car where rubber lines connect to the copper coolent lines. Another option would be to use a radiator out of a VW Scirrocco. This is an aluminum radiator that is a little smaller but seems to cool my buddies car just as well as mine. You are going to have to support the front end, because after all of that cutting, the front of your car will be very flexible. I just welded in supports to tie everything together again while still leaving enough room for ample airflow. To get the radiator in the car, I found the easiest way to do this is:

1. Get your radiator (make sure it fits)
2. Get some 1/2 inch square tubing
3. Weld up a frame that will seal against the radiator (it will look like a big rectangle)
4. Weld up brackets to mount your radiator to the frame
5. Remove radiator from the frame
6. Weld the radiator frame in the spare tire compartment
7. Seal the hole you cut to the frame (you want air going through the radiator, not around it)
8. Reinstall the radiator
9. Install your radiator fans (I used 2)

Next step, radiator tubes. The radiator tubes were ran undernieth the car on the drivers side. I wanted to put them in the heater channels, but this is my only car and I did not have the time to do so. I used 1.5 inch copper tubing and used some pre-made 45 and 90 degree bends to get everything together. The whole tubing system is copper pipe except for where the tubes go into the engine and radiator. I used copper becuase it does not corrode, but according to Kennedy adapters, you can use galvanized steel as well (such as electrical conduit) . Tie the engine to the radiator. Make sure that the highest point in the water system is either you water filler (radiator cap) or an air bleed

04:01:17 Fri
Apr 14 2006

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Re: What I did with my cooling system

I have question...How exactly were the coolant lines ran to the rear? How are they attached to the pan? I mean with copper and steel being dissimilar metals they obviously can't be welded together. How do you prevent rattling?

21:24:07 Wed
Apr 29 2009

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Re: What I did with my cooling system

how aboyt the temp guage? make and model ? fitting for the engine?

15:06:34 Thu
Jun 25 2009

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Re: What I did with my cooling system

good write up and pics on your website.. thanks


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