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01:57:21 Wed
Apr 18 2007

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I have a few projects in mind, I wanted to lift a baja and lower a street rod. I have heard that if you go up or down you will change the camber on your wheels and not be able to fix them. what have you guys heard about this and/or where are is good website, book, kits I can get into to do more research. thanks team I know I can count on you.:pirate:

16:34:42 Mon
Jun 11 2007

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Re: high/low

camber change really depends on what type of suspension you have. VW link pin/ball joint front suspension will have no camber change no matter how high or low you go. McPherson strut front suspensions (superbeetle) will have increasing camber the lower you go, but can be adjusted out with special offset alignment bushings. As for rear suspensions, the swingaxle suspension (US bug/bus 1968 and older) will have drastic camber changes which cannot be adjusted. The IRS rear suspensions also cannot be adjusted but the camber change is much more reasonable compared to the swingaxle.

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