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Aug 1 2018


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" Carter’s remarks ‘hegemonic discourse’: expert
China does not fear any threat from the US Malik Hooker Jersey , a source close to the Chinese military said on Sunday, after US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter accused China of erecting ""a Great Wall of self-isolation"" and blasted China's move in the South China Sea as ""challenging fundamental principles.""

""China never fears the threat from the US, not when the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea occurred, and not today,"" the source told the Global Times on condition of anonymity.

The source's remarks were made after Carter said on Friday that ""China's actions there [in the South China Sea] challenge fundamental principles, and we can't look the other way,"" the AP reported.

The source said the ""fundamental principles"" mentioned by Carter actually refers to the US policy of using military deterrence and the ""big stick"" policy.

He added that safety in the South China Sea should be safeguarded by countries in the region.

""Outside countries should play a positive role for peace and stability in the region instead of stirring up trouble, sowing discord Cheap Indianapolis Colts Hats ,"" said him.

Carter also said during his commencement speech at the US Naval Academy that China restricts free trade and a free Internet, and ""the result is that China's actions could erect a great wall of self-isolation,"" the AP reported.

However, such a conclusion, clearly drawn from a US perspective, shows the US' hegemonic discourse, Liu Feng, a Hainan-based expert on Chinese maritime issues Cheap Indianapolis Colts T-Shirts , told the Global Times.

He noted the purpose was to prepare for the upcoming ruling of the arbitration case and the Shangri-La Dialogue, a key event on security in the Asia-Pacific, so that the US could find more excuses for its rebalance strategy in the region.

Also, by hyping the threat from China, the Pentagon could get a bigger defense budget and export more weapons to Southeast Asian countries, said Liu.

US President Barack Obama recently scrapped a Cold War-era ban on weapons sales to Vietnam, Reuters reported.

However, China is supported by an increasing number of countries and should continue to urge the US to abandon such a mindset and play a constructive role in the region Cheap Indianapolis Colts Hoodie , said Liu.

Zhu Feng, director of the Collaborative Innovation Center of South China Sea Studies at Nanjing University, said that the Chinese government had made it clear in 2014 that the construction on reef in the South China Sea is to provide public products and promote environmental protection.

It is for civil use rather than military purposes, said Zhu, adding that the US had misread it and exaggerated China's military purposes and the country is responsible for the current tension in . Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Wholesale Soccer Shirts Cheap NHL Hoodies Free Shipping Wholesale Shirts Wholesale Hoodies Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Wholesale NFL Hoodies


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